About us

How can we help you?

Our philosophy is simple… we want to make your life easy, healthy and happier! We want to inspire you, educate you and empower you to overcome many of the modern day challenges and roadblocks women face, including diet, fitness, lifestyle and mindset.

We want to help you bring about changes that last, improvements that will significantly improving your life and help you achieve what you previously thought impossible.

Accessible – work with us anywhere, any time

  • Plug and play… all you need is an internet connection
  • Connect from your laptop, tablet or phone
  • Participate on the go, wherever you are in the world

Available – we know busy women need flexibility

  • Wherever you are you can access your Making Things Easy program
  • Take part anywhere in the world, from your office, the beach or even your bed!
  • Participate in a live online program with a coach and forum, or choose the flexibility of an automated course which you can start and complete anytime
  • Keep course content for life; retaining valuable advice, inspirational ideas and the best online video workouts

Affordable – we all want value for money

  • In our feedback surveys, 100% said that the programs were good value for money (and that they were enjoyable and would recommend to other womentoo!)
  • Work with Janey Holliday, one of the UK’s top nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coaches at a fraction of the cost of conventional personal training and life coaching
  • Programs vary from £5 to £449 and nearly always work out between £1 and £5 per hour.

 Transformational – live the life you deserve

  • Practical, adaptable and insightful content, revealing what you need to do and how
  • Achieve your goals and ambitions and learn how to sustain success
  • Discover how to self-motivate instead of relying on others

 Confidential – sometimes life changes are private

  • Our programs are hosted in a secure online area which means you can take part without anyone else knowing (which many women do!)
  • Anonymity guaranteed when participating in online forums, if that is you preference
  • You can also have your questions answered by Janey completely anonymously!

When life is complicated enough… Making Things Easy is here to help!

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