Janey Holliday

At least I’m not a sheep!

I pride myself on having a really good mindset. I’m very self-motivated, always the glass-half full kind of girl and always strive to overcome challenges I’m faced with. But last week, I became flat, which is very rare. This blog has been written to inspire anyone who might have lost their mojo or has been […]

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What if you didn’t drink?

What would your body look like? Would you choose tastier food on the menu? Would you have to exercise less? Would you get more out of your training sessions? Would you get fitter and smaller quicker? Would you have a clearer mind? Would you be less anxious? Would your eyes be brighter? Would you have […]

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BBQ Food Management

With a heat wave comes the inevitable, lots of BBQs!  But as I’m analysing lots of food diaries at the moment for the Best Body Bootcamp, I’m seeing lots of people undo their hard work by a lack of focus as they have fun in the sun. If you follow my photo food diaries and […]

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Holiday reset

Well, I’m back from my holiday and as I sit here and type this in my home office, I’m extremely happy to be back. To some that might seem a bit bizarre, but I had a great time, enough time out and because I love what I do, I couldn’t wait to get back to […]

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The mid-holiday mind switch

I’m now half way through my holiday and as you’ve probably seen from my photo food diaries, I’ve mixed some fun with focus with regards to food and fitness whilst I’ve been away. I’ve indulged in pate which I don’t normally eat, eaten quite a lot of cheese, mainly by itself, slightly larger portions at […]

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