Janey Holliday

How to eat at the airport

Yesterday Janey headed off to the airport before her family camping holiday in the south of France. She stayed one night in a hotel next to the airport before leaving for France today. In between taking care of her boys she’s been keeping us amused and updated with her thoughts and food choices at the […]

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Why run when you can walk?

There’s a rumour that you need to run to get your best body, but it’s rubbish. If you like running great, if you can motivate yourself to run, brilliant, but if you can’t do it because of injuries (or even just because you don’t like it) walk, walk, walk. And don’t listen to anyone who […]

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Are you ready to trade?

So many women beat themselves up about indulging in foods they think they shouldn’t or for having that extra glass or two of wine. They start off with impossibly high expectations of themselves then feel overcome with guilt when, quite reasonably, they can’t live up to them. Women are always asking me how I keep […]

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How to cleanse your liver

As we continue our BEST BODY campaign, there’s no point putting all your focus into training if your body doesn’t function properly. Which is why a big part of us helping you get your best body, is about helping you look after the inside, as well as the outside. Now, you’ll all know that I like my […]

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Oil pulling – Fad or fab?

I’m always on the lookout for health habits that myself and my clients can follow that enhance our bodies, minds and lives. But I’m always wary of fad diets, money-making scams and anything that cons women out of their hard-earned cash and doesn’t do much for their overall wellbeing. When I heard about oil pulling, I wasn’t sure what on […]

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