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3 MINUTE READ: For easy results and an enjoyable life, you might want to learn the act of SELF-CARE!

Many of you will have seen that I’ve recently created a 28 day SELF-CARE bootcamp. It’s a truly amazing program that is designed to help women: Put themselves first Look after themselves like never before Take command of their time, boundaries and choices Prioritise their health, happiness & fitness goals And learn the art of […]

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More being, less doing

I’m seeing more and more women becoming busier and busier. Rushing around from one thing to the next, taking on more than they can chew, being afraid to say no to things they don’t want to do, being pulled from pillar to post and not finding the time for the things that truly matter to […]

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10 ways to get LBD ready!

If you want to sparkle from top to toe, inside and out this party season and throughout Christmas 2016, it’s time to get yourself focused before the festive fun begins! Here are 10 ways to get you LBD ready in a few weeks… Prioritise your focus and go a little bit nuts – You have […]

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10 ways BEST can change your life

If you read our hundreds of BEST testimonials, you’ll notice how many women who’ve done the BEST program say that it’s completely changed, enhanced, transformed and in some cases even saved their lives. With a year long program like BEST, it can be hard to get across on one webpage how it can positively impact […]

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Anyone can achieve anything when you put your mind to it AND take your time!

Like many of you, I’ve been totally inspired by the Rio Olympics – for many, many reasons! But not just for the athlete’s strength or gold medals achieved, but because of the stories and journeys behind the successes. The main thing I wanted to get across today, is to help you realise that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you […]

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