Are you fed up of always feeling like you ‘have to’ get in shape for party season?

I used to too. And I used to permanently fight an internal battle between wanting to look good like everyone should in their Little Black Dresses under the mistletoe AND actually not giving a cr**.

Post after post on getting into shape and advert after advert of the perfect pre Christmas low calorie diet blitzes, I know can drive many women mad this time of year. It used to me, too.

And ironically it can often make women shut down completely – almost rebelling against society’s expectation of them. For many, the adverts actually have the adverse affect as women stuff more food in them as they feel more and more inadequate. And quite right too (well apart from the eating to feed an emotion part!)… Aren’t we enough just being us, just as the way we are?

1. I used to feel all of things, until I started to see exercise and eating well as an art of self-care not as punishment. For me now, getting focused before the fun at Christmas as just a way of balancing out the indulgences coming my way, another act of self-care. It isn’t about self-loathing or feeling like I have to do something to fit in. It’s a choice and a choice I make with good grace because I love looking after myself.

2. Eating extra well and training hard (or even better) smart this time of year is not just about fitting properly into my favourite party dress. It’s about ensuring my body has good immunity for winter and the way I feel about my improved health and strength. I like a fitness challenge too and because I’m a single working Mum of three I can’t be on a total fitness mission 12 months of the year. I choose to have mini missions and November is one of those times.

3. It’s definitely not about me feeling that I should do something. Because I create all the rules in my life and don’t do things to please others, only to please myself. Notice I use phrases like ‘I choose’ and ‘I create’ rather than ‘I must’, ‘I ought to’, ‘I’d better’, ‘I should’ etc. When you choose what you do, it’s an entirely different energy.

4. Just because I have extra focus this time of year, it doesn’t mean I let myself go around it, it’s just a positive little mission. I enjoy the challenge, I enjoy the focus and I enjoy the journey (especially working alongside lots of my amazing online clients as I do the bootcamps with them), the results that I get from doing this are a bi-product really.

5. I don’t like myself any more or less because I do or don’t fit into a dress. It’s nice to look good, but I don’t think you really look good without feeling good, both in terms of energy and inner sparkle, i.e. how you feel about yourself. Feeling good about yourself comes from better self-esteem and if women think better self-esteem comes from being smaller, they are very much mistaken. It took me years to work that out which is why my bootcamps are about helping women accept the way they are whilst making positive progress if thats what they choose and want for them.

6. The traditional diet / fitness industry approach is based on making money from helping women stay stuck. By keeping them on the yo-yo, self-loathe, beating themselves up way of life. But I’d like to think that all the women who do my bootcamps (and they all come with a 100% recommendation by previous clients who’ve done them by the way) learn how to get results by being efficient AND keep them by learning to be committed and consistent.

7. I also realised that my attitude towards the so called ‘societal expectation’ was in my control. You may not choose what adverts or blogs that are out there, but you can choose whether you read them and how you respond to them. I now look at adverts and I ask myself whether what they are selling fits in with my values and comes from an authentic business / person that I want to buy from.

 So if like me, you want a November focus or challenge and you’d like to be part of a POSITIVE fitness experience that will help you become fitter, stronger, healthier and encourage you create more self-care and self-love, come and join me on the SELF-CARE, Best Body or Tummy ATTACK programs that start on Monday 6th November. Sign up before 1st November and pay just £50 instead of £99!

For anyone that hasn’t done one of my online bootcamps before, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how great they are and what you can take from them, in terms of food, fitness and lifestyle information and inspiration.

If the online bootcamps aren’t for you but you struggle with mindset and creating your own life on your terms, you might want to consider my annual BEST program that is running for the 5th time next year.

As always, if you’re unsure about whether one of my programs is for you or which program to do, please email the office and I’m happy to talk to you.

Janey x

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  • Sandra October 20, 2016   Reply →

    Another great blog Janey! I love your programs and will be doing an online bootcamp in November! Really excited about the BEST programme too, next year. xxx

  • Sandra October 20, 2016   Reply →

    Another great blog Janey! I love your programs and will be doing an online bootcamp in November! xxx

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