Janey Holiday


Janey Holliday is a motivational speaker, lifestyle coach and personal trainer with over 14 years experience working in women’s health.

She founded Making Things Easy based on her understanding of how women’s needs are evolving – getting busier, lack of time, lower self-esteem and body image, struggling with stress, burning out and not designing a life or body on their terms.

Janey is a busy single parent, with seven-year-old twins. She runs two businesses, exercises most days and still strives to have a life in the process! Janey knows first-hand the importance of making things easy when modern life can be so frantic, while also understanding the benefits of health, vitality, peace of mind and the joy of unlocking your full potential.

Many people would like to enhance their lives, but give up too easily believing they are too busy, or that creating change is just too difficult. Yet most are becoming less efficient at work, exercise AND play as technology, information overload and modern day mayhem take their toll on focus and productivity. Anxiety levels are up and many people are simply not enjoying life as much as they could, but help is at hand!

Janey has coached thousands of people one-to-one, but after taking part in an online course herself, she experienced first-hand the benefits of online coaching. Identifying the practical, inspirational and sustainable benefits online programs could deliver for busy people and combining them with her expert knowledge of nutrition, fitness, mindset and lifestyle, Making Things Easy was born.

In 2011, Janey’s first online coaching program sold out in 48 hours and the testimonials on her style and program content voice clear support and enthusiasm for her innovative and personal coaching style and practical learning experience client’s gain from working with her.

Through years of training women – first through her signature outdoor bootcamp business, Fit For A Princess, following on with one-to-one lifestyle coaching – Janey has developed a deep ability to empathise, engage and inspire others.

As well as throughout the UK, Janey has a large International fan base with clients from Dubai, New York, LA, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Switzerland, France, Spain, India and Canada taking part in her programs.

Janey works with high profile clients and celebrities who opt for her exclusive VIP coaching service that she provides via video and phone coaching as well as her inimitable one-to-one sessions.

Janey’s enthusiasm and passion is contagious and we’re sure you’ll find a program that suits your needs, whether physical or emotional.

So why not start Making Things Easy for yourself?

‘Janey you are brilliant. Thank you a million times over for pushing me out of the world I’d been trying to get out of for 10 years!’

Sarah Buchanan, Scotland