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I’m so excited to announce that in 2018, I’m collaborating with Sarah Honey-Lawson (who used to be head trainer at my Fit For A Princess bootcamps in London, who provided online videos for the SugarHIIT and SELF-CARE bootcamps and now runs a PT business out in Bahrain!) to offer an incredible and motivational online support and accountability group for women all over the world.

This group, which will be hosted as a secret Facebook group is designed to…


… women who want to nail their 2018 health, fitness and lifestyle goals.

The online group is running all year from Monday 8th January to Sunday 16th December 2018, you can sign up for 1 month or for the full year!





Please listen to this audio link where we explain where we think women are going wrong with their health and fitness. Our passions and shared ethos about helping women see health and fitness from a different angle.. And encouraging women to find their fitness “WHY”. Plus everything you need to know about the MIH club!

You also get:

  • Daily updates from Janey and Sarah with what they are doing food and fitness wise
  • Fortnightly online videos from Sarah and mini ad-hoc workout challenges
  • Fortnightly food and lifestyle resources from Janey with eating plan templates, fitness organisation tools and top tips
  • 2 monthly Q&A audios 1) Fitness Q&A with Janey and Sarah 2) Emotional eating Q&A with Janey and Gill Harvey-Bush
  • Motivational quotes and videos every day to help inspire, support and encourage you
  • Mini challenges throughout the year
  • Lots of the above will be tailor-made to the women signing up who will be asked to fill out a survey on sign up to help us build the resources and offerings throughout the year.
  • It will be a place where women can share their triumphs and troubles, ask for help, rally each other along and generally have a really unique and positive fitness experience by working together online from anywhere in the world!


Myself and Sarah will be sharing the management of this group in the following way:

Weekly Schedule:

Sunday – Priorities and Planning – Sarah

Monday – Motivation – Janey

Tuesday – Training – Sarah

Wednesday – Mid-week check in – Janey

Thursday – Food & Fuel – Sarah

Friday – Reflection – Janey

Saturday – off!

You will get from us on these days, top tips, videos, resources such as one pager planning and self-coaching, interaction, mini FB lives, coaching questions ,things like that!

With our content, we have chosen 5 main areas to help you…

Fitness & Activity

  • Workouts
  • Movement
  • Challenge

Nutrition & Toxins

  • Getting more good stuff in
  • Getting more bad stuff out
  • Food management

Stress & Sleep

  • The effects of stress
  • Controlling your reactions – stress is a choice
  • Getting to bed early!

Self-Care & Recovery

  • Looking after yourself
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Guilt free down-time

Relationships & Behaviour

  • Habits
  • Belief
  • Community




Is the group for you?

    • Do you have your own fitness routine but want support and motivation rather than a full on bootcamp package?
    • Are you a repeat bootcamp client who likes to mix and match your previous video content and would like to get top up videos?
    • Do you struggle to stay motivated on your own and need a bit of a kick up the backside from time to time?!
    • Do you thrive from accountability and having somewhere to check in?
    • Do you struggle for inspiration when it comes to healthy eating and exercise?
    • Would you like simple exercise routines to do at home?
    • Do you have health and fitness questions you’d like answered?
    • Would you like the support and encouragement from a group of like minded women on a health and fitness mission?
    • Then the Online Fitness Group is for you!


Access to the group for 1 month costs £30 – sign up at any time and you will receive automated joining instructions to join the group which you can start at anytime. Once in, your 30 days will start and at the end of the 30 days if you enjoyed it you can sign up for another month or the rest of the year, or we remove you from the group

Access to the group for the full year costs a deposit of £10 followed by 10 x £25 direct debit payments between 1st Feb and 1st November

Access to the group as a repeat bootcamp client (i.e. someone who has bought a full price 28 day online bootcamp – SugarHIIT, Tummy ATTACK, Best Body or SELF-CARE) costs £17.50 for the month or a £10 deposit and 10 x £15 direct debit payments of £15 between 1st Feb and 1st November.


January – Reset & Reconnect (with self & goals)

February – Heart Month – Challenge your CV & increase oxytocin levels

March – Core strength & mental strength including posture and self-confidence

April – Post Easter Challenge with Sarah or guilt free switch off with me!

May – Go for it (whatever IT may be!)

June – Pre-Summer Blitz / Summer health organisation

The rest of the year will be planned in May and will depend on what the MIH girls want and need!







Additional information


£10 deposit then 10 x monthly payments of £25 (for access from 8th Jan-16th Dec), One off payment of £30 (for 1 months access to the group), Repeat client (have done at least 1 bootcamp before) £10 deposit then 10 x monthly payments of £15 (for access from 8th Jan-16th Dec)


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