The Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp


Transform your tummy (and body!) inside and out with this incredible program that will get you amazing results in a month, with just 30 minutes a day!!

It comes with a 100% recommendation for previous Tummy ATTACK clients and combines hours of effective online workouts with simple eating plans, recipe ideas and lifestyle advice.


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Program outline

  • Just 35 minutes of exercise a day, 6 days a week
  • Crazy cardio-core online video workouts to strip fat
  • Six Pack ATTACK online video workouts to increase abdominal definition
  • Mix and match with your current fitness programme
  • Add walking, running and swimming if you wish
  • All equipment free!

Tummy ATTACK fitness shoot   Bonus – Now includes 90 minutes of online Pilates workouts.  

Tummy ATTACK Exercise Program

  • Each video is 25 minutes excluding your warm up and cool down  (videos provided)
  •  There are two levels and you can mix and match between them
  •  A maximum of two of your weekly workouts can be substituted with your own cardio, e.g. Run, swim, cycle, bootcamp class
  •  If you wish you can catch up with these videos on another day
  •  You can powerwalk each day for up to 60 minutes on top of these videos if you wish and have time
  •  The week one videos are repeated in week two
  •  New videos are released in week three and these videos are repeated in week four
  •  There are 12 x 25 minute workouts, two warm ups and two cool downs
  •  If you need an additional rest day, you can take it and feel free to double up on videos

Tummy ATTACK Eating plan

  • Tummy ATTACK eating rules
  • Tummy ATTACK shopping advice
  • Tummy ATTACK  recipe book
  • NO counting calories!
  • Cheat meals and a wine management plan!
  • To encourage nourishment not punishment and some fun around the focus!

Sample eating plan

Tummy ATTACK Bonus Webinars
Over 7 hours of bonus educational webinars, including:

  •  Understanding gut health & bloating
  • How hormones affect gut health & gut health affect hormones
  • Long term Tummy ATTACK guidelines
  • And five tummy analysis webinars where I analyse fifty women’s tummy photos looking at the cause of their tummy fat and what they can do to improve it

Tummy collage    

PLUS A SECRET ONLINE ACCOUNTABILITY AND SELF-MOTIVATION FACEBOOK GROUP! Chat to your other Tummy ATTACK bootcampers, share what you’re up to, ask Janey questions, plus lots of mini add-ons like Facebook Live top tips videos!

Is THIS the Program for you?

Watch our 3 minute Tummy ATTACK video for more info and inspiration!

  • Want to have a flatter tummy or even a six pack?
  • Want to understand your tummy inside and out?
  • Fed up of not being able to shift stubborn abdominal fat?
  • Want simple, easy food ideas that will nourish your tummy and strip fat?
  • Are you stressed, but not convinced of the implication of how you look and feel?
  • Want to clean and lean up your body but don’t want to diet?
  • Fancy trying out lots of new exercises designed to help you change body shape like never before?
  • See 50 women’s tummy photos analysed by Janey?
  • Be clear on Candida, leaky gut syndrome, gut aggravators and how gut affects mood, hormones and energy?
  • Want to do 28 days of food and fitness focus that is fun, inspirational and empowering?
  • Fancy a fitness reboot or want to reset your body?
  • Have better body image and compare yourself less to other women?
  • Would like to transform your body with just 35 minutes exercise a day?
If you answered yes to one or all of these questions, this is the program you’ve been waiting for!





I have loved the programme, if I’m honest I didn’t think I’d be able to stick to it but the combination of the motivational emails and the short sharp exercise has been the perfect balance for me. I’ve totally changed shape particularly my legs and at the last measure (middle of last week) had lost 2 inches off my love handles which is AMAZING and everything just fits better plus I’m back into exercise for the first time pre kids and feeling much better for it! 10/10 from me!!! L. Oakes

I have lost 6 lbs, 4 inches round my tummy and dropped a dress size in just 21 days! I can’t wait for the final week and to do it all over again! Sarah C

I’ve done all of Janey’s 28 day online fitness programs but I’ve got to say this is the best by far. L James

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15th January – 11th February


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