Wine Management

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Manage your wine intake without going teetotal

Are you a habitual wine drinker?

Do you want to drink less but find it hard to break the habit?

Do you know the reasons why you drink when and what you do?

The wine management bootcamp is about helping women break their negative wine habits, teaching them how to drink less but most importantly, about encouraging women to still enjoy it as they keep it as part of their lives – you definitely don’t have to go teetotal!

This is an automated program which means there is no specific start date and you can work through the program at a time to suit you.


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Program Outline

There are six main webinars:

  1. Why women are drinking more wine and working out your wine story
  2. The dangers of too much wine
  3. How to manage and reduce your wine consumption at home and when socialising
  4. Breaking your own wine habits and creating better habits
  5. Mind tricks and mind management to help you drink less wine
  6. Creating a plan so that you control wine and wine doesn’t control you

Includes three hours of bonus Q and A audios.

We have created a Wine Management survey to help us understand further your issues around drinking, what influences you to drink and how you would like to change your drinking habits. Please take a couple of moments to fill our our Wine Management survey. Thank you.


Modern day wine facts:

  • Middle class women are drinking more than ever.
  • As the hectic modern lifestyle puts pressure on women, more are turning to wine to cope with long work hours, being a mum or a combination of the two.Wine is everywhere; it’s cheaper, tastes great and has become the stress management prop of choice for those looking for an emotional escape.
  • Most women drink too much wine and instead of them controlling their wine intake, the wine controls them.
  • Whilst wine has some health benefits, most women drink much more than the weekly recommended amount. Liver disease has increased 300% in women in the last 20 years; it affects fertility, causes weight gain, bloats and ages us.
  • Too much wine stops us reaching our full health and energy potential and the more we have the more we get used to it. One glass becomes two, two turns into a bottle and many women now drink on a daily basis.
  • We drink it when we’re happy, when we’re sad, when it’s hot and sunny, when we’re miserable and when we’re celebrating and we love it!



I just wanted to write and say how fantastic your course was and it has really helped me. I feel that I have successfully managed to cut down and stop stressing about my drinking and I think your course was great. Jane Barnet

Just listened to call 5 – listened to it about three times now! Just loving the scenarios and the new stories idea. You make everything so clear and inspiring. This course has changed my life, thank you. Anna Logue

You’ve saved me £300 just whilst I’ve been doing the three week programme, thank you SO much for helping me manage my wine and not the other way around

Not only have you given me my life back, I think you might have just saved my life too. AMAZING course, well done (again!) Janey.

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