10 benefits to doing 10 minutes of exercise a day!

Can 10 minutes of exercise a day really help you achieve your body, fitness and health goals? One hundred percent!

It’s the reason behind my collaboration with Sarah Honey-Lawson from The Army Girls Guide to provide The 10 Minutes a Day Bootcamp – an effortless, enjoyable, achievable and finish-able program for all you women out there who just seem to be getting busier and busier.

So what are the reasons 10 minutes a day can be of benefit to you?

  • It removes the overwhelm – Last year I read a great book called ‘Unf**k your habit, you’re better than your mess’. This book looks at people and personality types and the reasons so many people put off sorting out their homes / stuff / organisation. And one of the main reasons is because people think they need to do marathon cleaning and sorting out sessions to make big improvements.  It has to be done perfectly or there’s no point. But that’s not what you need to do at all.  Overwhelm equals procrastination and fear and denial.  But by removing the huge uphill struggle of having to do something big, and locking into 10 minute sections – you can get things done. Lots done. And it’s the same with exercise! 10 minutes, that’s it. 10 MINUTES MEANS YOU WON’T DREAD IT, YOU’LL DO IT!


  • It’s what you do daily that counts – One my BEST program I teach my clients the Seinfeld strategy to help them overcome procrastination. Jerry Seinfeld is a hugely successful comedian, writer and producer worth over $250 million. When interviewed he was asked what the secret of his success was, and he said ‘writing every day’. It didn’t matter whether it was 10 minutes or 10 hours so long as he wrote. He’d mark it on his calendar and he would keep the chain going, never breaking it. It’s what you do daily that counts, however big or small. Can you imagine where you’d be if you always did 10 minutes of exercise a day? For life? This is why I created the 10 Minutes A Day Bootcamp and made it a three month program.  10 MINUTES A DAY OVER TIME MASSIVELY ADDS UP!


  • It nails the procrastination rule – Are you someone who can spend hours deliberating over getting your trainers on and just can’t get started? One of the best things you can do is use something called the 2 minute procrastination rule, again something I teach on BEST. It’s where you just tell yourself that you do something for two minutes – whether going for a run, putting the washing away, getting your paperwork ready for a tax return. Of course, once you get started you invariably carry on! And this I believe can be adapted to be a 10 minute rule. Can’t face an hour’s workout? Just do 10 minutes. Don’t have the energy to take in a 60 minute educational webinar that could change your life? Just listen to a 10 minute one. The concept of starting or doing small things helps so much with self-motivation, and that’s why the entire 10 Minutes a Day bootcamp is, well all 10 minutes chunks! 10 MINUTE CHUNKS ARE COMPLETELY DOABLE!


  • It will probably make you want to do more! The art of reverse psychology and keeping things simple is that once you’ve done 10 minutes you’ll feel so great you might want to do more! And you can do that too with our program no problem. As a 10 Minutes a Day client, you’ll can get ALL your workout and inspiration content up front, (as well as a variety of fitness plans and options should you want to do more that 10 minutes – by mixing and matching some of our other 10 minute videos). You can literally get stuck into more whenever you feel like it , IF you feel like it 🙂 10 MINUTES A DAY IS A GREAT STARTING PLACE THAT MAY CREATE OR RE-IGNITE A LOVE OF FITNESS!


  • This could be the forever plan so many women are after! 10 minutes a day every day for 3 months (or forever!) is better than doing an hour a day for 10 days and not doing anything again for another year. If you want to do other classes great, if you want to do more than 10 minutes, go for it. But if women can commit to doing 10 minutes a day of low impact strength training for the rest of their lives, this will have a HUGE impact on their fitness, muscle mass, metabolism, mindset, their body’s structure, shape and of course help to reduce typical injuries women get, especially as they get older. 10 MINUTES A DAY DONE FOREVER IS ONE OF THE BEST THINGS YOU COULD EVER DO FOR YOURSELF!


  • You can get results from doing 10 minutes a day One of my clients said you surely can’t get results from just 10 minutes and I showed her this feature and she was pleasantly surprised! I find that women either under train or over train and 10 minutes a day is a great middle place especially if you’re active (ideally aim for 10k steps a day too).  It can often go against women’s beliefs that to get results you need to smash out long, hard workouts. Don’t be so sure! 10 MINUTES OF STRENGTH TRAINING A DAY CAN COMPLETELY CHANGE A WOMAN’S BODY!


  • Your body responds well from short, split routine training sessions. Split routine is where you change which muscle groups you work each day and it’s one of the most effective ways to train. And that’s why we’ve chosen simple but effective workouts that work a different muscle group each day. We’ve also chosen women’s weak spots such as glutes, back and core – which women often struggle with and that are the muscle groups that cause injuries and bad posture over time. Plus we’ve included arms and legs to ensure an all over body approach. Two days a week your sessions with us are a stretch session (yes these get results because training tight muscles makes them bulky!) and meditation (a great way to calm adrenals, which will help women’s bodies respond better as well as boosting mental health). The videos are low impact with no cardio but they are challenging. 10 MINUTES CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO YOUR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL BEING!


  • You’ll finally be able to move away from the all or nothing shackles – God, I am seeing more and more women suffer with the all or nothing mindset. Go, go, go, all gung-ho at the start, pushing themselves to the max, can’t keep it up, then as they’re not following something perfectly they give up. Often for ages. THIS. HAS. TO. STOP. Our three month 10 Minutes a Day Bootcamp program means you cannot get behind. If you miss a day for any reason, do 2 x 10 minutes videos the next day. Going on holiday for a week? Either pause the program and start again when you’re back if you want to.  OR because it is just 10 minutes a day, you can really do it anywhere without any bother – WE CAN ALL FIND 10 MINUTES, RIGHT?!


  • You can still do other exercise if you want! I love power walking and Kick Boxing but because the videos are just 10 minutes a day, I can easily fit them in around these other sessions if I want to. I do sometimes like to train more than 10 minutes a day because I like the way that those workouts make me feel mentally and I’m happy to do them. But as a single Mum of three with all my children every weekend by myself, I often only train Monday to Thursday. So these 10 minutes a day workouts are great for my weekend – and my kids can join in too! You might decide that you’re happy training in your local gym or park a few days a week but can then double up on the 10 minutes workouts on other days. This program is entirely flexible to suit all women and their fitness wishes. But you don’t have to do other things if you don’t want to. BECAUSE THE BASE LINE IS JUST 10 MINUTES A DAY!


  • How fast does 10 minutes fly by? On the Make It Happen Club our January client of the month Julia got so into our 10 minutes a day challenge, she did her 10 minutes just before she had a bath and went to bed, this is someone that previously said she could never exercise in the evenings. She said not only was the fact it was just 10 minutes help her get started, the 10 minutes went by so quickly As soon as she started, she was finished. THE ‘IT’S JUST 10 MINUTES’ MINDSET IS A REALLY POWERFUL ONE!



Take a look at the 10 Minutes a Day Program HERE and grab one of the last early bird rate places before the 26th March or when they sell out (15 left as I’m writing this).

The program runs from 23rd April to 15th July and also gives you access to my motivational online support and accountability group, The Make It Happen Club.

Looking forward to seeing the changes and improvements you could make effortlessly and enjoyably, with JUST 10 MINUTES a day!

Janey x