10 inspirational quotes to transform your life!

These top 10 super-inspirational image quotes are designed to help you be in command of your life and FEEL ABSOLUTELY GREAT!

They are some of the key messages I teach on my life-enhancing program called BEST – which kicks off every January and helps women become the BEST versions of themselves and create a life authentic to them.

I’ve cherry picked some of the best mindset messages for you and also share some little nuggets of inspiration and insight with each one



Make sure you are doing what’s important to YOU. Life is getting busier and busier and women seem to be less in control of their boundaries than ever before. If your health is your priority, make sure you’re creating time for it. Don’t say “I’m too busy to get to my workout” say “I’m not making time for this right now” instead and feel the difference in you. When you are saying yes so something, you are also saying no to something else. So make sure you work out what is important to you based on YOUR life values (and if you don’t know them, you can access my FREE Core values webinar here) and ONLY do the things that are taking you towards your goals and your dreams! So many choices, too many options, being plugged in to technology all the time is pulling women from pillar to post. Only you can regain control, work out your priorities (and if you need help with this check out my Priorities blog here) and choose how, who and what you do with your time!


Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside (and for that matter also a body that works on the inside, not just looks good on the outside too!). Many, many women I come across often feel a bit flat (or worse) on the inside, but ‘seem’ to have a life that looks great and indeed one other women aspire to (see below for comparison tips!). In a world where women put themselves under a lot of pressure, the feeling good on the inside sometimes takes a back seat to the looking good on the outside! I’m working with more and more women who are pushing themselves to the max in all areas of their lives – home, body, work, relationships, kids, Mum, partner etc, striving to be an A grade in all things. It’s OK to be a C grade at some things in your life. Self-inflicted pressure doesn’t help women feel good, quite the opposite in fact. Stress, overwhelm, anxiety, worry, to-do lists off the scale don’t have to be part of your life!

At any point you can change jobs, move, downsize, retrain, change career, leave a relationship, travel, break away from friends who drain you, make new friends that energise you, work less, work more, quit your job, set up a business, change your body, become the fittest you’ve ever been, relax more, do something crazy – you name it, it can happen!  Don’t stay stuck living a live that you aren’t happy in, there is ALWAYS another option. ALWAYS another way of life waiting for you. And if for any reason do need to stay where you are for a bit. See yourself as a temporary tree and embrace where you are for the time being by thinking better!




Whenever you feel stressed, remember that is a choice. If you’re too busy, always a choice too. But joy is a choice and happiness is a choice, because how you feel is a choice, as feelings come from the thoughts you have and guess what… we’re the only ones that allow ourselves to think certain things. And another little tip here is that there is nothing wrong with being busy, so long as you feel good from it! I teach the ‘happily doing’ mindset on my BEST program and also being calm whilst doing lots of things, instead of flapping around like a parrot! I am a single Mum of three children, I work 30 hours a week, I exercise everyday and I manage a home. I am busy!  But I’m always happily doing and always embracing my circumstances rather than fighting them. I don’t complain. I smile lots. I get on with it. The way I think determines the amount of positive energy in my life. And it’s plentiful. But it’s a choice. Many people in the same circumstances would be seeing things in very different ways.




One of the things I help my clients most with, is helping them discover their identity – usually after a change in their life or as they hit a new decade. A woman’s identity changes  so much throughout her life, especially after getting married, having children, going back to work, when their children leave home, as they approach a mile stone birthday etc. When women reconnect with themselves, remembering who THEY are amongst everything around them is a real gift. The game really does change. Doing your values can help with this massively, but also it’s about looking at what’s authentic and important to you. And often it’s lowering the fear to have the courage to be the REAL, perfectly imperfect you!


How you start your day, impacts how you are at work, with your children, the hormones you charge off in your body, what you eat, how your body functions and it’s a ripple effect both ways. I see women in their forties start they day worrying about everything from their to do lists, the way they look, their bank balance to not having what they want in their lives and they focus on that from the get go.  I also work with a lot of anxious young people in their late teens and twenties who when I ask how they start their day, it’s usually social media and so the comparison and dopamine hit and drop vicious cycle kicks off. Start your day feeling grateful for 3 things in your life. Play music that makes you smile and want to wiggle your hips. Take a moment to give yourself some praise for all the good things you do, your strengths and what you ARE achieving, rather than the opposite which most people do. They way you feel affects your hormones. We are sitting on a cortisol dis-ease time bomb. Start your day with some oxytocin and endorphins and see the difference it makes in your life!




If you aren’t going to be the boss of your own life, someone else will. What is it that you want? Write down what it is that you really, really want. (most people find this very hard!). Start with a be/have/do list. Think of 3 things want to be/have/do in the next 3 months and MAKE IT HAPPEN! What works for you in life? Do MORE of it! What doesn’t work. Do LESS of it! Or even better STOP all together! So many people ‘fall’ into a way of living, tolerating all sorts of things from a stressful job, to spending their precious time doing things they don’t want or being with people that don’t set their souls on fire. Find out what makes you feel alive. Be with those who make you feel great. Find a job you love. BE THE BOSS!




Too many women I come across are literally killing themselves from overload. Long commutes, long work days (often around juggling children), always stressed, bad immunity, still seeing success as working soooooo hard until they get what they want. If you want to live your life that way, great. But I personally believe we need to redefine what success is (read Ariana Huffington’s Thrive for an awesome take on this) and stop the glorification of being busy. We are part of a push, push, push generation. Where women can have it all. Just because we can, doesn’t mean we have to. Is this the reason more and more women in my generation are getting cancer younger and younger? I have a very strong hunch that the answer is yes. Most women I come across don’t sleep well, need coffee to get going in the morning and wine to relax at night. They fill their days with SO much doing, many forget we are human beings. Not human doings.


Facing a challenge? Dealing with a plot twist? Great. Don’t fear and dread it. Get stuck in and embrace it. The more you say ‘I’m ready for you, come on, sock it to me!’ rather than being anxious and worried about what lies ahead is honestly one of the most empowering mindsets to have. Fear and worry and anxiety gets worse with no action. So by giving what lies ahead a good wink, rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck in can actually make these things even… enjoyable! Being stressed never helps anything!


And finally, one of the I see woman struggle with a lot is worrying and focusing what others think of them. We can’t please everyone, we can’t be liked by everyone and whether it’s in the work place, in the playground, with your neighbours, friends or even just generally people you meet. Please remember that what they think of you really is none of your business! The only opinion that really matters is the one you have of your own and perhaps sometimes the viewpoint from people that you really respect and admire. I once read a quote by Will Smith that said “So many people spend money they don’t have on things they don’t really want, to impress people they don’t really like” Crazy isn’t it. Be fearlessly authentic, don’t worry what others think and create a life that feels so good – to YOU!

Hopefully this inspired you to have an incredible 2019. If you need help implementing some of this, come and do BEST, my most popular program to date which has helped hundreds of women all over the world change their mindset and their lives!

Full program details HERE and there are less than 15 places left!

Here’s to making 2019 ridiculously amazing! 🙂

Janey x


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