10 minutes a day bootcamp – Exercise breakdown

Here is your summary of your 10 minute a day workouts, stretches and mediation sessions

All of these are 10 minutes long and the weekly format is:

Monday – Glutes

Tuesday – Arms

Wednesday – Back

Thursday – Leg

Friday – Core

Saturday – Stretch

Sunday – Meditation

We have designed workouts that will not only help women become stronger and change shape, but have also included many moves that tackle women’s classic weaker muscles and areas to help long term strength and reduce injury.

You can of course do more than 10 minutes of exercise a day if you want and there is no reason you can’t double or triple up workouts if you have more time.

Videos are repeated weeks 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6 and so on. But you do have access to all videos up front and you can work through the videos as you wish.

I love power walking and will be blending my walking workouts with the 10 minute workouts in the Mon-Fri format, Sarah also provides add on cardio video workouts in the Make it happen club support group which you’ll have access to as well. So lots of options to choose from.

Plus, in your exercise Ebook we will give you advice on how to mix up and double/triple up these workouts should you wish 🙂



Getting glutes to fire

Kneeling glutes

Banded glute activation

Stepping up your glute work

Buns of steel

Weighted Bum Burn




Pacing your arms

Shadow burn

Bands and box

Lift and lean

Light weight work

Upper body burn




Shoulder setting and stretch

Back mobility & stabilisation

Strengthen & Open

Building your back

Roll & Release

Bringing Sexy Back




Drop and pulse

Pulse and kick

Squats and bands

Kick and drop

Building mobility

Superset Strength




Pilates abs

Oblique target

Power up your plank

Standing Abs

Core stability with bands

Weighted Abs




Moving glutes and back stretch

Stress neck reliever

All over stretch

Lower body development

Upper Body openers

Tension releaser


Breathing, mountain grounding and calling in your healing team

Breathing, laying down grounding and colour energy

Body breathe, bringing light into your body

Body breathe 2, on the ocean

Open breathe seated, flying high

Open breathe laying, meadow


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