10 minutes a day bootcamp – Inspiration breakdown

Here is a summary of your 10 minutes a day inspiration audios and videos


The definition of inspire is “to breathe life into” and these audios have been created to do just that!

70% of the content has been designed and delivered by me and 30 % by Sarah Honey-Lawson.

We know women are busier than ever which is why we’ve created mini, bite sized chunks of education and inspiration


All of the audios and videos are just 10 minutes long and the weekly format is:

Monday – Positive inspiration – audio

Tuesday – Body image – video or audio

Wednesday – Organisation – video

Thursday – The female beauty myth – video or audio

Friday – Limiting female habits and behaviours – audio

Saturday – Mini self-coaching – audio and mini ebook

Sunday – Nothing


We have planned these audios to listen daily as you work through the 12 week program, with a different category each day. However you do have access to the entire list of audios at the start of your program, so you’re more than welcome to listen to the audios in the sections outlined below as and when you like!

All audios and videos can be watched on the go, dipped in and out of and listened to as many times as you wish

For every audio or video there will be a summary 1 pager in your Inspiration Ebook which you get once your program access has been granted.

Each audio and video is split into 5 minutes of inspiration / education and 5 minutes of top tips for you to implement!



Fit for life

Fit for a purpose

Self belief

Healthy at every size

Positive affirmations

Self motivation

Resetting yourself

How to be more mindful

Music for motivation

Connecting with your body on a daily basis

Ultimate visualisation

Top 10 tips for having a positive day


Removing scales

Body dysmorphia

Body expectations of yourself and others

You define – refuse to follow the crowd!

Change the pictures

Interpretation vs fact

What others think of your body is none of your business

Is it all in your head?

Can you see what I see?

Looking for different evidence

Your death bed body regrets

Let go of the body talk





3 day food planning

Food prep planning

Portion control

Eating on the go research

Food research

Eating and travel

Exercise prep

Exercise and travel

Change in routine

Food shopping

Master personal time management



Intro to the beauty myth

The professional beauty qualification

The body positive movement

The brainwashed female

The reasons women diet

Eliminating female fear around group sport

The three A’s: Awareness, Acceptance, Action

Preoccupation with weight

Beauty/size/looks don’t equal success

How does culture influence us?

Redefining beauty

Manifest success




All or nothing mentality

The female nagging voice

Eat empowered

Is there a wagon? And what happens when you fall off?

How do the people surrounding you impact your health?

Intuitive eating

Not investing in yourself properly

Empowered women empower women

The ‘not enough’ mindset

Don’t be a sheep – embrace your uniqueness

Not proud if not perfect rubbish

Living in fear rather than in the flow of abundance



Your self-limiting body, health and fitness beliefs

Your inherited belief system

Subliminal belief analysis

Overriding our limiting beliefs

Know your personality type to get things done

Imperfection winner

Re-writing your story

Working out your follow through

How do the people surrounding you impact your health?

Morning pages

What does a healthy body mean to you?

Your health and body gratitude diary

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