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I am so excited to be launching this incredible program on Monday 23rd April – the ultimate solution for busy women. Because we all have 10 minutes a day right?

What I’ve done is taken everything I’d normally put into one of my 28 day bootcamps, but broken it down into bite size chunks and spread it out over 12 weeks. Which means this bootcamp won’t feel like a bootcamp and you’ll get the results you want but in an easy and enjoyable way.

I’d love to let you experience some of the videos and audios from this life-changing program by signing up below. Don’t worry I won’t be sending you stacks of automated follow up marketing journey emails – I HATE these so much myself so would never do this to my clients! You’ll simply get an automated email with the audio and video links for you to listen and watch whenever you want.


Your workouts:

Kneeling Glutes with Sarah

Shadow Burn Arms with Janey

Full Body Energiser with Sarah


Your audios:

Body image booster – Do you see what I see? with Janey

The female beauty myth – Why women diet with Sarah


CLICK HERE to get the 10 Minutes A Day bootcamp FREE TRIAL!


The 10 minutes a day Exercise outline looks like this:

Monday – Glutes
Tuesday – Arms

Wednesday – Legs

Thursday – Back

Friday – Core

Saturday – Stretch

Sunday – Rest day



And the audio categories look like this:

Monday – Positive Inspiration
Tuesday – Body Image

Wednesday – Organisation

Thursday – The Female Beauty Myth

Friday – Limiting Female Beliefs

Saturday – Self Coaching

Sunday – Meditation


Take a look HERE at the full 10 Minutes A Day bootcamp outline and details, where you can also grab your place

(and spread the payments if you wish!).

Hope you enjoy your complimentary videos and audios!


Janey x




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