10 Minutes A Day Bootcamp Testimonials!


“I’d like to say a very big thank you for the 10 minutes a day bootcamp. It’s brilliant. I hardly ever finish things I sign up for, but I did this right through until the end…not because I had to, but because I wanted to. I signed up focused on fitness and although that has been a big part of the bootcamp, the biggest shift for me has been my attitude. I recommend it to everyone!” – Karen E


I have to admit when I signed up I wasn’t sure what could be achieved in 10 mins , but I have been amazed with the results and have ended the 12 weeks with a more toned upper body and stronger legs – The videos were hard enough to really challenge me but always in a way that I could keep going ….. thanks again” – Maria C


“Wanted to drop you a quick line and tell you how much I’m loving the 10 mins a day bootcamp. I’m combining it with all my usual exercise – classes, swimming, running etc and it’s really easy to fit in – some days I skip it altogether but always make up the following day, I’m absolutely LOVING how flexible it is… not loving how hard it is though – who knew 10 mins could kill so much! More than anything though, I’m finding the audios fascinating. Download them each night so I can listen on my way to work and have really noticed some of the behaviours I’ve learnt over decades are completely hijacking my mindset, I’m really starting to acknowledge some of my learnt beliefs and hopefully will start to turn them around soon. I’ve done so many bootcamps with you over the many many years but this one seems to have really hit home – I’m feeling stronger than I have in ages – and I don’t mean just physically, but mentally too, so thank you to you and Sarah for putting it together.”

-Ciara B


“As I was side planking this morning it made me realise that the 10mins a day boot camp came at just the right time for me… it’s helping me keep strong and fit through pregnancy and while I have to make the odd adaptation (rest band on hips? – ha ha, I can’t reach!), I’m feeling great physically. One or two videos a day are the perfect fit with yoga and swimming and I hope to be doing a video the day I go in for delivery! Love the Janey/Sarah dynamic duo and this little group of motivators – thanks ladies!” – Amanda S


“I love your 10 min a day bootcamp. The exercises are great and intense and really work – today I am wearing skinny jeans (normally I regret wearing them pretty much the minute I leave the house!), but today I still feel great and keep looking at myself in the office mirror whenever I walk past – a miracle!  I feel stronger and fitter – I will never be a skinny woman but I like my body now (well most of it)  for the first time in a long time. Thank you!”
– Laura V


“I just wanted to say I am loving the 10 Mins A Day bootcamp! The audios and fitness videos are fab and my body shape has changed quite a bit since I started. I feel happier with my diet and finally appreciate that I can step off the wagon rather than fall off completely. I went to a party on Saturday and had so many comments from old friends about how great I looked. I haven’t lost weight on the scales which confirms your views on that but I feel my body and mind are in so much better shape than when I started”

“Although it took me a couple of weeks to really get into the swing of things, I totally LOVE the 10 Minutes a Day bootcamp! I’ve settled into a routine (10 minute audio as I’m emptying the dishwasher and doing the kids’ packed lunches in the morning and 10 minute video as the kids have 15 mins of TV once ready before school) and I cannot tell you the benefits I feel from it all. I cannot believe what you can pack into both the audios and videos and instead of dreading the summer holidays where I usually lose all fitness and feel rubbish by the end, I now know I can do this everyday. It’s such a brilliant concept and I can see how hard you and Sarah worked on this. Up until now the SELF-CARE bootcamp was my favourite but this 10 minute format works absolute wonders for me so thank you!


“Just done the 10 minutes glutes workout. It’s hard to believe how effective just 10 minutes of exercise can be – ouch! Found Janey’s audio very thought-provoking and will spend some time today thinking about my forever habits”


“10 minutes glutes workout done and a fantastic and inspiring audio Janey!”


“ Did Janey’s 10 mins shadow burn workout yesterday morning  (2 days early than the schedule) in the garden in the sun which was amazing. It feels like the 10 minute videos are not targeting your usual muscle groups which I think is great – good to have a switch up. And great to hear an inspiring audio this morning too!”


“Had a bit of a “don’t wanna get up” morning after a few days off work last week… listened to the audio whilst feeding the cats / making tea and followed that up with the glutes workout in my PJs – feeling more ready for the day now!”


“What a clever concept you’ve created Janey! After “not having time” to exercise for the last few weeks, I started the day doing the 10 min video while everyone slept. I really enjoyed it, felt pleased with myself and then felt motivated to go for a run this evening. If the morning video had been longer I know I would have made excuses not to do it, but with 10 minutes it was quicker to just get on and do it and I felt like I was left wanting to do more”


“Slotted in the first 10 min video between school pick up and starting dinner. I even managed the 2nd 10 min video on arms too. But funnily enough, if I’d thought the video was 20 mins long, I would have said I didn’t have time!! Janey and Sarah, it’s good to be inside such an inspiring community”


“First day complete! Been lacking motivation for any exercise other than cardio recently but when it’s only 10 minutes I really couldn’t come up with an excuse not to! Looking forward to more tomorrow”


“Woohoo Day 1 nailed between phone calls while working from home! “


“The audio was so inspiring and I will be thinking of my fit for life forever list”


“Audio and shadow burn completed – finding knowing it really is just 10 mins is an excellent incentive”


“Wow day 2 done! I loved the beach setting and the sound of the sea! And the exercises are hard but great.”

“Dropped and pulsed. Bump adds to the balance challenge but I like it!”


“Just to say I am loving the ten minute camp is an understatement, looking forward to the workout and the tick sheet is right up my street!”


“Day 3 Drop and pulse workout OMG – I can only thank your amazing back drop that kept my focus rather than the pain. Saying that is a fab work out in fact I must love it as did last night before bed and just done again. Will listen to audio on dog walk later!


“Loving the 10 min workouts, so well put together and motivates an active day! The ditch the scales audio was brilliant too – being the daughter of a 1940 born diet obsessed mother!!! Thx as always Janey & team!”


“Love the sound of the sea and the view in today’s workout and loved the mountain meditation”


“Did the back and glute stretch from 10 mins lovely to have the waves crashing in background”


“Timing of the first week is not great, as I started a 5 day plane/train/road trip on Tuesday. But I’ve managed to keep up!  It’s a 24 hour train ride, and I did the Drop and Pulse video yesterday – in the empty wheelchair roommette at the end of the carriage! Then I knocked out yesterday’s and today’s workouts in the hotel room this morning!”


“Just wanted to say how much I’m loving the 10 minute videos, it’s had really changed my mindset this week, despite very little sleep some nights I have still managed to motivate myself enough to get each one started and done!”


“Thanks Janey for a great sugar and booze Q and A! Took so much from it”


“Wow, those lunge holds were a killer!! Couldn’t make it through 30 seconds, so that’s definitely a new goal for bootcamp! I’m loving the super targeted moves. I feel like I’ve had a really good leg and back workout.”


“Janey you’re a genius! This program is amazing. 6 days in, I’ve done every workout as per the schedule and my body feels different already. I’m really surprised about how the 10 minute workouts actually work. And I’ve really enjoyed the audios too. The labels lesson on Wednesday was brilliant and I’ve taught my kids it too – we had a cupboard explore yesterday to put everything you shared into practice.”


“I didn’t have the greatest start to the week and got behind for various reasons. But because it’s only 10 minutes, a day I doubled up the videos for 3 days and have ended the week with everything done,  feeling really inspired and very sore! GREAT workouts! I know if the videos had been 20 or 30 minutes I would have dropped out of the bootcamp by now but the 10 minute slots are so easy to catch up on. Amazing facebook group too!”


“Sun’s out , guns out , How much fun was that shadow burn today!”


“Loving the 10 minutes format, I feel like I have no excuses – I’m somehow ahead of schedule! I’ve slept in 8 different beds (and cities) the last 8 nights, and thanks to a flight delay I missed two connections last night and had to stay in an airport hotel…used the extra time wisely, and did Monday and Tuesday’s workouts in the hotel gym”


“The 10 mins program is exactly what I need, there is no excuse for not doing a mini workout first thing in the morning and then that sets me up on a positive path for the day, am loving it!”


“Really loving this format, I’m adapting my program to do 20 minutes every other day and then power walking on the other days. It’s great to be doing a program where my focus is on strength and rather than weight loss. Have loved all the videos so far and the audios have been brilliant. Just what I needed this summer as I’m really busy!”


“Loved the fit for purpose audio this morning – instrument not an ornament. Really motivational!”


“Whooo hooo. School run breakfast 10 min glutes crazy dance around the kitchen all set up to get work stuff done”


“Whoa – Sarah’s foam rolling stretch – that’s like heaven and hell on 10 minutes!”


“That thing where you’re putting off doing your workout and you tell yourself you’ll do it all tomorrow. And then you have a word with yourself and say ‘IT’S ONLY TEN MINUTES, JUST HIT PLAY’ … Workout done!”


” I wanted to say I LOVE the 10 mins a day programme! I started back at work a month ago and was freaking out a bit about fitting exercise in as a full time working Mum but I’ve done my 10 mins every day which makes me feel ?? and managed a couple of runs a week too. I love the programme as it’s manageable for busy people but also because I was freaking out about not being able to train loads like I used to but the programme has got me to re-evaluate and I’m 100% happy with what I’m doing and focusing on health and self care, not just my mileage or next sporting event. Love it. Thanks ladies! Xxx”


“Wow, I feel stronger in my legs, bottom, waist and arms from all the workouts! Yesterday I did full press ups in exercise class, first time in a VERY long time. And the sound of the sea in Sidmouth is just wonderful!! Also loving the audios and gives me LOTS to think about!… I am loving the 10mins bootcamp, I really feel totally into the swing of it this week! ?”


“‘I’m in Belgium and went to a wedding party on Saturday night. Was wearing tight around the stomach/bum red trousers and a black top with short sleeves. All fitting. Few weeks ago I tried on this outfit and was too tight fitting and didn’t feel good in it. Now I felt great and got so many compliments about looking great arms and everything. I am curvy and felt curvy and strong in the right places! Also danced until 4 in the morning having driven from London during the day so full of energy. And 2 glasses champagne!” ????”