10 reasons to do the Best Body Bootcamp


  1. You’ll stop trying to strive for a body that you’re simply not physically capable of achieving – By understanding your body type and re-addressing your body goals, you’ll start focusing on what you can achieve instead of fighting an uphill battle with things you can’t





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“Janey’s Best Body Bootcamp has been absolutely fantastic for me, and has helped me go from a miserable size 22, to a much happier size 14. I’ve also lost 43 lbs! Janey’s food plan is easy to understand and to incorporate into everyday life. After years of trying every diet on the market, I had completely lost touch with how to eat a normal balanced diet. Thanks to Janey’s advice, I can make a healthy choice in any situation without needing to know how many points or sins something contains!”


  1. You’ll become more self-motivated than you ever thought you were capable of – the daily audios to this program are so uplifting and are not only designed to get you to your workout but to lift your spirits, increase self-motivation


Commitment and staying


  1. You won’t get bored – You mix and match doing your own cardio workouts – choose from doing running, power walking, cycling etc – with online hand weight workouts you do at home. This combination is a winning formula as it helps women learn to love training by themselves and makes things easier too



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  1. You will get fantastic results – This is the ultimate body shape changing bootcamp and our biggest seller to date. You do need to work hard but we make it as easy as possible and soooooo many girls have been astounded by the results they’ve got


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  1. You’ll feel so good whilst doing it – A combination of the motivational audios, the exercise you’ll go off and do yourself, the online conditioining videos and the secret facebook group really do make this an enjoyable and uplifting fitness experience


  1. You’ll get lots of food inspiration – this bootcamp comes with a 28 day photo food diary webinar with the food me and my twins eat, illustrating how easy it is to put the Best Body food principles into practice

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  1. It’s suitable for any age – as long as you’re 14 and over, you can do the Best Body and this is the perfect teen fitness program because it’s so uplifting, empowering and not about fad diets and dangerous fitness moves. We’ve also had women in their sixties and seventies do it


“I paid for my 15 year old daughter to do the Best Body bootcamp because i knew she wanted to lose weight but I wanted her to do it in a safe way. She loved it because knew she was doing it, the audios helped her feel better about herself, she was able to fit the training in around school and best of all she dropped well over a dress size in a month. The Best Body bootcamp has given her a new lease of life and best of all she kept the weight off and still eats healthily does the videos’

BB Sarahs Mum

Here is one of our clients who transformed her body in her sixties by doing the Best Body bootcamp twice!


  1. It’s so cost effective – This bootcamp is currently on sale for just £28 for 28 days! AND you get to keep all resources for life –


“Best value fitness program out there!” (that was feedback at the full price of £99!)


  1. Long lasting changes – The clue’s in the title, you really can get your best body from doing this bootcamp! But also by doing this bootcamp a few times over (as many women do because they love it so much), you’ll not only get your best body but you’ll get to keep it as well!


BB Honor before and after pink

Picture of a client  who lost 10kg and kept it off!


  1. You deserve your best body! – Women flourish when they are fit, healthy and strong and that is a FACT. When women make peace with their body and are less critical, they enjoy life so much more, also a FACT. Women deserve to feel great and look great (and no this does NOT mean you have to be the smallest version of you or perfect, far from it). The Best Body is about helpoing women choose authentically what body they want. The million dollar question is…



The next Best Body starts on Monday 14th January, grab your place HERE.

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