10 reasons to do the Tummy ATTACK

The Tummy ATTACK Bootcamp is CURRENTLY ON SALE! In our feedback survey from Tummy ATTACK participants, 100% said they enjoyed the Tummy ATTACK, thought it was good value for money (at the £99 price point too!) and would recommend it to other women.

Here are 10 reasons to do this amazing program:

  1. You’ll have a stronger core than ever before! Having a strong core helps you look a dress size smaller (at least!). You’ll look better, stand better, feel better and your back definition, waistline and body shape will dramatically improve!


Love your tummy High Res image


  1. There are over six hours of online workouts for you to have for life – from Crazy-Cardio-Core, Six-Pack ATTACK and bonus Pilates workouts. Take part anywhere and anytime too, you just need a internet connection or download and no need for wifi!


Tummy ATTACK fitness shoot


  1. You don’t need much time ! Just 35 minutes a day for the exercise, 10 minutes for the motivational audio and meal ideas that take minutes to sort out. Plus there is NO preparation needed before the program starts

“I love the Tummy ATTACK for many reasons but mostly because I was able to get such great results with such little time effort. It is the perfect fitness program for busy women and I’ve recommended it to everyone”

  1. You’ll learn to eat leaner and greener – AND love it! All new research points to a lower carb, higher veg & essential fat intake, which is what the TA food principles are based on.  And this will help you lose weight and clean out your gut like never before!


11th April - Spirilising


  1. Your tummy will become flatter and less bloated – Women should not feel bloated and if you are, that’s your body telling you there’s an imbalance or it doesn’t like a certain food / meal (which can often be healthy things like onions, avocados and bananas). The TA will encourage you to listen to your body and strip out the gut aggravators.


“Having suffered from IBS for over 10 years with no improvement from medication given to me by my doctor, I was astounded that my IBS symptoms literally disappeared within a few weeks of starting the Tummy ATTACK bootcamp”


  1. Your mindset around fitness will change – The TA encourages you to think about fitness in short sharp effective bursts that you can do in 30-35 minutes a day.


Gem tuck jump


  1. You’ll never look at another woman’s body in the same way again – our daily emails and audios are designed to boost body image and inspire women to think about their bodies (and other women’s bodies!) in a different way!  Here’s a sneak peak into a few of the images we share throughout the TA to help women feel great. (NB we do not own the rights to these images, they were taken from Facebook posts)

Bikini stretch marks

A fit Mum of three who’s super fit but has stretch marks all over her tummy… no shame around stretch marks ladies!

TA Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren who was recently seen rocking a fit, strong body as she turned 70, doesn’t she look fab?!


Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren’s body that would be deemed fat, wobbly and unsuitable for media in 2016, grr!

“I signed up to the Tummy ATTACK to get into my bikini for my summer holiday. But the body image sections on the daily audios and emails actually inspired me to embrace my body as it was and focus on being strong and healthy over being the smallest version of myself. I loved the Tummy ATTACK so much that I signed up again and did the TA whilst on holiday, simply because I love the way the videos and audios made me feel – I have never felt so confident and at ease about my body – thank you!”


  1. You’ll be motivated from the minute you get up to bed time – the secret Facebook group that runs alongside all my online bootcamps is so motivational. Women help each other get to their workouts, share food ideas, ask me questions and more!


11th April - sharing ideas 2


  1. You’ll get to see 50 women’s actual tummy photos – as a bonus on this food & fitness bootcamp, I analyse 50 women’s real tummy pictures based on tummy history, food, exercise, stress levels and contraception used etc.

Tummy collage


“Watching the tummy photo analysis webinars was unbelievably interesting and made me think about women’s health and bodies in a completely different way. I took something from each and every tummy analysis section and although these are a bonus add on to the Tummy ATTACK, for me this was my favourite part!”


10. You’ll have a sense of humour around hard work! HARD WORK PAYS OFF and the TA videos are challenging (although they have levels) which is why they get such fab results. From the Burpee accelerator to spiderman planks to tuck jumps to coffin crunches – no muscle is left untouched & the way they’re taught is in a fun, enjoyable way!

So come and join is if you want to look and feel fab, be the strongest you’ve ever been and have fun along the way!

The Tummy ATTACK bootcamp can be started at ANY TIME and it’s CURRENTLY ON SALE FOR JUST £49!

 For more info and to book your place, CLICK HERE


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