10 things I do that help me high vibe in life!

You’ll know the difference between a low vibe and a high vibe simply by the way you feel.

How we feel comes from what we think, what we focus on, what we tell ourselves, what we do each day (and indeed the way we do it), what we take in and who we surround ourselves with.

If you’re stuck in a low vibe or want to vibe higher, you CAN change!

Last year I struggled a bit and I was definitely low vibing, which I hated (as a mindset coach!). But I knew I was part of the problem. This year, my vibe has been soooo much higher and life feels way more easy and enjoyable as a result. Why? How?


(Written in April 2022)

Because I’m doing these 10 things….

  1. I’ve started a daily gratitude journal every morning and evening which gives me positive book-ends to my day. I write 10, 20 , sometimes 30 things – often little things that we take for granted such as Amazon or the Barista in your local coffee shop! What I’ve realised is that there is SO much to be grateful for when you start searching for it. From the memories you have, to your comfy sofa, food in the cupboards and indeed your potential and capability – you can be grateful for all sorts – bring it to your attention as much as you can!
  2. I’ve stopped complaining! I’m not really a big complainer generally, but I did realise that underneath I was having quite a few those negative niggles about all sorts of little things. And these really build up and rob you of expansion and light heartedness. So the combination of these two things (more gratitude / less complaining) are incredibly powerful. If you only do these two, you will feel a really big difference to your energy and vibe in just a couple of weeks!
  3. I got out of my own thoughts and started getting different perspectives on things. By listening to inspirational audios, podcasts, mini training tutorials and meditations on uplifting and confidence boosting topics. Getting stuck in your head is one of the worse things, especially if you spend a lot of time by yourself. The repetition of positive information is where it’s at. And it’s why people love the structure of my online programs and why I always recommend having little things to hand that you can watch or listen to that help you either process thoughts and emotions or indeed escape them.
  4. I’ve addressed my stress response by creating more space for me and continually looking for solutions. I was finding I was getting quite snappy with the kids and when that happens I know I am the issue. So I spent time looking for what I needed more of and less of. A better weekly plan, a morning and evening check list for me and the kids, my lovely new pink ear plugs that soften the noise of my three loud kids that squark in the car like parrots – the ear plugs soften the noise and means I don’t go into fight or flight! May sound crazy to you but we must all find solutions that we need and not worry about anyone else! I blocked out two exercise classes for me each week – the classes that completely lift me and make me feel amazing – all this stuff really adds up.
  5. I’m not watching the news much. Literally a quick check of the headlines online once a day. I’ve donated money to Ukraine, I’ve given clothes and blankets and things for babies to local collection points. But watching the news takes me down so that is my boundary issue – because in life we choose what we take in and talk about. Instead I’m playing up beat play lists, reading inspirational books, watching Friends with my twins and getting on with my own life as best I can.
  6. I focus on things that bring me joy. For example, I created a back yard project this year, planting up some veg, painting the fence and adding some flamingo ornaments that make the space more high vibe! I like to plan some nice little things to look forward to such as some nice meals out booked in my diary and some time in nature at places I’ve not been to before too.
  7. I’m going through my day deliberately looking for ALL the positives and beauty around me and as a result have created an inner smile and joy that I’d lost last year. When things feel difficult, I immediately compare myself to those in Ukraine (and indeed other countries less fortunate) and it immediately shakes me up with a little reality check. And helps me see and experience things on a different, better level.
  8. I’m being super kind to myself and creating as much self-care and self-compassion as I can. I’m pretty good at this anyway but when things don’t get done, or I make mistakes or I’m weak at something, I’m talking super positively to myself as I possibly can “That’s ok Janey, you did your best”, “Just let it go Janey, you’ve done enough today”, “You are doing a great job Janey, keep focusing on the positives” etc… These kinds of things make such a difference to how you live your day! 🙂
  9. I’m getting out of urgent mode! Yep, I re plan my diary every now and then to get ahead on some work things which has made such a difference to my energy and vibe, woo hoo! I hate chasing my tail and being in urgent mode! I also got ahead with some things at home, which means domestic stuff feels easier, I’m on a roll! And when planning my week I’m really trying to work where possible 2-3 days ahead or doing 10 minutes each day on a project so it’s less stressful and not last minute
  10. I’m reminding myself that we only have one life. Just the one. And if one thing that the past couple of years has taught me is that anything can happen. I’m determined to have an awesome life. I don’t want to have any regrets and I am committed to making the best of my life, even when there are things that are challenging or less than ideal. I am lucky to have so many great memories, there are things I am working towards that fill me with excitement and joy. But the most important thing for me is to fully embrace the present as much as possible. Because after all the present is all we really have.

Remember you CAN change a lot in a short space of time with the right approach, mindset and support. And oh my goodness, everyone can HIGH VIBE. Remember you’re the boss of your own life!

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Janey x

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