The 10 things you gain from doing the SELF-CARE bootcamp!

The SELF-CARE bootcamp has been described as my ‘ BEST BOOTCAMP YET’! It really is the most comprehensive and inspirational program with lots of options to help you fit it around any busy lifestyle.  Here are 10 things you’ll gain from doing it!

Over nine hours of online fitness videos for life! – Including Kick Boxing with me, HIIT with Sarah Honey-Lawson, Power Conditioning with Katie Skrine, Yoga with Zoe Kirby, Cardio core, cross-fit inspired workouts with Lauren Pearce AND 90 minutes of bonus Pilates videos with Jo Flury – all incredible trainers or former trainers) from Fit for a Princess. These videos can be kept for life and you can download them too, meaning you don’t even need a wifi connection and can do them literally ANYWHERE! They are also designed to help you become much stronger and fitter AND are lots of fun too!



Enough tasty recipe ideas to last you a lifetime! And not the complicated kind either. Rather ones that are simple, delicious and nourishing that you can make in a few minutes. You not only have an awesome recipe Ebook with 28 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas, but you also get daily recipe inspiration via the daily emails.

Some of the favourite ones from the first round of the SELF-CARE bootcamp, were the amazing Mason Jar salad and breakfast ideas !

Easy, tasty and as one client described ‘sexy’ eating on the go! Click the image above to get a taster to the kind of things we share!

Extra room in your bathroom! You’ll never need a set of scales again, you’ll be measuring your success on how great you feel short term and the actual following through long term, not how much you weigh. Check out my blog on The smallest version of you isn’t the best version of you for more inspiration on this.

You won’t need a calculator either! No counting calories ever again, because we count by colour. You’ll be eating such great food that will make you feel so good so that as well as keeping excess energy in at bay, your appetite will naturally go down – all in a really effortless way. So as long as there’s lots of colour in your eating – a rainbow spread of variety ideally, that’s all that really matters to us.

That thing called guilt you do… It’s banned! If you don’t make a workout, or eat a piece of cake instead of a nutri-bullet kale smoothie, we won’t tell you off. Guilt is the worse feeling in the world and one that creates more ‘emotional’ food and fitness choices which is a vicious cycle. We’ll encourage you to learn from it, but won’t send you to the sin bin. This ‘permission’ based, ‘I am taking responsibility’ mindset has had the most profound positive effect on our client’s food and fitness choices. By switching the ‘mistake-guilt-punish’ mentality for a ‘I am work in progress and committed to learn’ way of life, you’ll never feel guilty again!

 You’ll become the boss of your own life! Want to say no to something instead of yes? You’ll be doing a lot more of that. Kids driving you mad? We’ll be encouraging you to take more time away from them. Not able to leave your work at work?  We’ll give you strategies to compartmentalize. Seeing what our current SELF-CARE bootcampers are doing around boundaries and mindset has been so inspirational and empowering! More sleep, less work, more laughing, less stress. BUT still being efficient, productive, switched on and embracing life or work challenges with a much more positive mindset.

You’ll be part of  team in a judgement free zone – Having people around you that have your back and want you to do well,  where you’re supported and people don’t judge you, is one of the most rewarding parts of my job and the most refreshing thing as a client. In this safe yet hugely motivational space, you’ll find you’re inspired to do well, for you and for the team but also you’ll get so many ideas, make better choices and have a lots of laughs along the way too.
You’ll be accountable – The reason people repeat my online bootcamps and sign up to new ones isn’t because they don’t work, it’s because most people need the support and accountability for long term success! An online mentor and support group in your pocket and at your finger tips 24-7. This is where a lot of women truly flourish, because without it they flop. There is nothing wrong with needing encouragement and accountability, all the best entrepreneurs have someone or a support team. Who says women need to struggle alone? The more help you have, the more someone is giving you a friendly nag, the more you know you have the option to check in with everyone else in the same boat as you, the more long lasting results you’ll get and keep!

You’ll discover that you’re not alone with your weaknesses –  Women focus on their weaknesses and make it a bad thing about them, but in reality SO many women have the same challenges as you! When you realise that you’re not alone, it’s such a great feeling. And with the help of myself and the other SELF-CARE experts, Zoe Kirby who’s a top female-focused nutritionist and Gill Harvey-Bush who is a performance coach and psychologist, you’ll realise that overcoming your weaknesses can happen, but only with the right approach for you. Everyone is different but working in a group program like this is hugely motivational as women share ideas and breakthroughs and trial and error them. You’ll also discover your strengths and realise you should be putting as much focus on these as those weaknesses – AND embrace those weaknesses!

Peace of mind! There is a totally different vibe and energy on the SELF-CARE bootcamp which means women work with themselves and learn to leave the criticism and self-slagging off behind. By taking command of their time, boundaries, choices and actions, whilst letting go of the stuff that drags them down and makes them feel c**p, there is a peace of mind (we call it happily doing) that is helping women all over the world think and live their lives with an inner peace! Think of how having peace of mind could benefit you? No worries, not a care in the world, knowing you’re working towards you but in an enjoyable and effortless way 🙂

Come and join us on the SELF-CARE bootcamp to see what it’s all about. The next SELF-CARE bootcamp kicks off on 14th January and the entire month is just £28!

100% of previous SELF-CARE bootcampers said they enjoyed it,  was good value for money and would recommend it to other women – that was at the full price of £99 too!  Click here for the SELF-CARE testimonials to see what my clients say about their experience 🙂

Any questions, email!

Janey x

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