10 tips to boost your business mojo!

In business it can be easy to lose your mojo. You can so easily get caught up in what you’re not doing, the struggles you’ve got, roadblocks you have, loneliness you might experience, fear, comparison, impostor syndrome, what’s going wrong, perhaps challenges or less than ideal circumstances in your personal life; bla, bla, bla – it can take you down!

So today I wanted to inspire you to reignite your business mojo with 10 uplifting and inspirational tips!

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One – Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing! What is the reason you set up your business? Passion, purpose, freedom, income on your terms, more time off, doing something you love, doing something that helps people, leaving a legacy, inspiring your family, makes a difference, providing joy to people, earning more money? List these and read regularly, to reignite that business love

Two – Focus on the positives! This means looking at all the wins and joys of your business, rather than any negatives. One of the greatest ways to boost your vibe in your business is to stop complaining and look at what you ARE doing, what you’re grateful for, the customers you have that love what you do, your potential customers, the experience you’re gaining from your business journey, all that lovely stuff. We have an RAS filter in our brain and it’s job is to filter all the images and information we take in each day. When you focus on the negatives and low vibe stuff, it will bring more of it to your attention and vice versa. So switch up what you’re thinking and focusing on to boost your business mindset and mojo!

Three – Remind yourself you have loads of potential! We can all get caught in our current reality, but take a moment to think where your business CAN go. You might need help, you might need to dig deep, you might need to change something. But check in with your vision and get connected to where you CAN be.

Four –  Work with your optimum customers more! If you can work with people where their pain points or needs match your help, experience, product or service. AND customers who you are excited to be around and feel easier and more authentic for you to work with them; your whole energy will change! There will be less resistance and procrastination, more clarity and confidence, more smiles and joy! Also by knowing your types of ideal clients / customers, it will help you improve the connection between you and your business. And help make things like marketing and showing up on social media easier 

Five – Get your blinkers on! This means not comparing yourself, really thinking about what YOU need and want to do with your business. And getting your head down, getting on with it and not wasting time looking at other small businesses / small business owners unless it’s to look and learn with an expansive mindset. It also means owning your time, choices and boundaries so you can put quality, focused time in your business and not get distracted. Compartmentalising is SO important to boost your business mojo, something that a lot of people miss. As you always feel better from being productive and getting good stuff done 

Six – How do you want to show up in your business? Such a great question this one! Look at how you are showing up and then check in with how you want to show up. If there’s a difference, tap into the identity of the person you’d like to be in your business and start doing and being more of what she is. More visible? More confident? More committed? Better organised?  Better mindset? Better time management? The way we show up in your businesses is really indicative to the mindset and energy we have within us.  And we can elevate this at any time we choose.

Seven – Create a daily business boosting practice! Whatever you need to boost or remind yourself of, do it! This will look different to everyone. At the moment I start the day playing Frank Sinatra, “I did it my way”! And some confidence boosting affirmations. I also journal about where I want my business to go, how it will help women, the positives it will give me and my family – it really helps. You could have some inspirational quotes or reminders to read. You could have a song that empowers you. You could list the reasons you’re in business (as per point 1), you could give yourself a little positive pep talk each day.  Whatever lifts you and boosts that mojo of yours, do it!

Eight – If you’re struggling, see that as a wonderful part of your journey! Hear me out here… You will always have struggles to overcome in business and life. And when you do, the feeling is awesome! Highs and lows are normal in business. So embrace any challenges, or roadblocks, or fears with a smile on your face. I love that quote “A strong woman looks at a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink”. The highs you get after climbing over a difficult are the BEST highs!

Nine – Stop making up stories in your head! We are our own worst enemies sometimes because we make up an awful lot in our heads. We make stories up about ourselves, what people think, our businesses, our customers and we can make things way more stressful than they need to be and then we shut down or lay low. Keep using that line I use ALL the time with my clients – what is fact and what is fiction. Stop making problems bigger than they are, stop allowing lies in your head to take over and stop focusing on the horror movie version of events. Start painting a brighter picture in your business and get right behind yourself!

Ten – Surround yourself with people who love business and want you to do well! This is so important. This is why I’ve decided to call my weekly business newsletters, Small Business Love from now on. Because I love small businesses, I love helping female small business owners and we are the HEART of the economy! And this is why I LOVE running my online group coaching programs for women. When female small business owners are surrounded by like minded women, who have their back and pushing through similar struggles to them. But they are all determined to do some great things in their business, even if they need helps and support to get those great things done (or stay sane in this crazy entrepreneurial rollercoaster ride!). It is night and day to what they’d be doing and how they’d be feeling if they were doing it by themselves, surrounded by people who don’t get small business life.

Hope these tips help!

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Janey x

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