10 ways BEST can change your life

If you read our hundreds of BEST testimonials, you’ll notice how many women who’ve done the BEST program say that it’s completely changed, enhanced, transformed and in some cases even saved their lives.

With a year long program like BEST, it can be hard to get across on one webpage how it can positively impact your life so much. But I thought I’d create a blog with the 10 main ways that BEST can change your life, with some additional information and perspective, having run the program three years running now and seeing the results it’s had on so many women!

  1. You’ll be in control of your thoughts! Many women do not realize how powerful this is and what significant impact this will have on so many arrears of their lives. Your thoughts essentially control whether you do something or don’t do something and thoughts also create your feelings. When you learn how to manage these to your advantage, some serious magic happens. From learning to instantaneously move from negative thoughts to positive ones or knowing how to in a split second, stop worrying what others think of you, this is a super power!


  1. You’ll be clear on the things you can and indeed should be in control of and to let go of the things you can’t control – including others! The foundation of BEST is looking at what you can control and what you can’t. Many people spend too much time and energy focusing on the things that they can’t control (including others), rather then letting that side of things go and putting all their focus on them. The impact of understanding that no matter what you do, you simply cannot change or control another human being is a real freedom. And one that leaves you with more energy and time to focus on the things that you can control, i.e. yourself and your choices. In addition, when challenging life plot twists happen – such as being made redundant, losing a loved one, a partner leaving, being ill for example – when you know all you can control is how you respond to them, da daaaaaa! Everything is so much less stressful and sometimes this mindset shift makes challenges and plot twists even enjoyable.


  1. You’ll start doing more of the things that make you feel alive and remove the things (or people!) that zap you of life! It always amazes me how many women (and people for that matter), do so many things that don’t make them feel good and allow themselves to be around energy vampires. When you realize that you can choose to do only (well perhaps mainly!) the things that make you feel alive and spend time with those who breathe life into you, the impact on your energy, wellbeing and life in general is huge! People have a lot of resistance to this – often through fear or worrying about letting people down or what they might think of them. But BEST is about encouraging women to do what THEY want in THEIR lives and that that is OK, well GOOD even!


  1. You’ll start focusing on your strengths, instead of your weaknesses and finally embrace your perfections! This simple shift is what impacts everything from confidence to self esteem. We can’t be good at everything, perfection doesn’t exist and by focusing on who you are, what you’re good at, what you enjoy and what you want instead of the opposite , it will literally leave you leading your life as if you’re wearing your super hero cape each day!


  1. You’ll understand that there is no such thing as right or wrong, just different! Another mindset gem here that helps women see life from a different dimension, that also removes stress, improves relationships and lowers negativity. We all have our own map of the world and the way we see things is very different based on our perspective or interpretations. When we understand that our way is right for us and their way is right for them, wowsers! By focusing on what is right for and important to you AND letting / encouraging other people do the same, the vibe of life switches from a struggle to gorgeousness.




  1. You’ll start to understand what your self-limiting beliefs are, where they come from and how to change them! We all have core beliefs and these core beliefs stem from our childhood, family dynamics/circumstances, environment and often trauma. But when we have a core belief, we look for evidence. Perhaps you have a core belief that your sibling is better than you and that in turn can lead to a core belief of not feeling good enough. As an adult you will look for evidence to back that belief up, interpreting all sorts of things (often incorrectly), rather than seeing things as facts and looking for evidence to support the contrary. Everybody has them but very few people know how to work out what they are, where they come from and how to replace them. We teach all of this in BEST.


  1. You’ll stop mind mapping others’ minds and stop yours making stuff up! Your brain cannot distinguish between what is real or imaginary, so when you learn that you can trick it into doing or feeling certain things, hold on to your hat! Plus as humans we look at an image or hear what someone says and we make the rest up in our head. My BEST co-coach Gill Harvey Bush, says you may as well feed your mind with good bull***t instead of bad, because the mind really can’t tell between the two! Pretty much every week on our Q and As, we have questions submitted that are based on mind mapping issues and habits. When the people who submit them realize all this, they’re able to see things as they are, meaning much less stress, anxiety and worry and being able to see situations as they are, NOT as they’ve initially interpreted them!


  1. You literally have a tailor-made agony aunt at your finger tips for a year. Well aunts actually because it’s me and Gill! You can submit as many questions as you like (we guarantee they will all be answered) and you can mind dump your life, stresses, issues (however big or small) to us, and get advice / support / encouragement / help, literally instantly! You can off load stuff to us and the group (latter is optional), share triumphs, troubles, breakthroughs, breakdowns and you have someone to say ‘well done’, or ‘let me help’, or ‘how about thinking of it in this way, or that way’. People tell us the support is priceless and why this additional offering makes the BEST program such great value for money.


  1. You’ll be working alongside women who want the very best for you! You’ll see this written a lot in the testimonials, that being part of the BEST (you’ll become known as a fellow BESTie!) group is something really wonderful. There is such a sense of camaraderie, confidentiality and trust in the group with no emotional or ulterior motive other than wanting to the best for each other. The coaches only offer expert and impartial advice and the BEST girls aren’t like your usual group of friends who will often project their stuff on to you.




  1. You aren’t taught this stuff at school! Without a doubt one of the most common things said from people who’ve done BEST is “I wish I had known this stuff sooner” or “If only I’d done BEST 20 years ago” and “Why are we not taught this stuff?!” I think this is why people enjoy BEST so much because it’s such a different way of thinking and doing that positively impacts all areas of people’s lives.


So BEST starts for the fifth time on Monday 8th January 2018. There is no prep work needed before hand and the 40 week program runs over 12 months with two month-long breaks in April and August.

The program is great for those who want a massive life overhaul but equally as powerful for those who just want to enhance their life with small adjustments, better thinking and more positivity.

If you have questions, please send us an email and I also offer a complimentary 15 minute consultation if you’re unsure whether BEST is the right program for you!

Here’s what some of our 2014 and 2015 BESTies had to say about the program when we asked them to describe their experience in three words:


“Enlightening, empowering, supportive”

“Inspiring, thought provoking and life changing”

“Empowering, uplifting and genuine”

“Essential (for growth), enlightening, should be mainstream”

“Challenging, inspiring, useful”


For full BEST 2014 testimonials, please click HERE

For full BEST 2015 testimonials, please click HERE

For full BEST 2016 testimonials, please click HERE

BEST 2017 is just finishing up, so we’re currently collating these and will release them shortly.  But here are a couple that have come in already…

“This was my first time this year in BEST. It’s made a huge different to the way I think about myself. It’s been challenging , thought-provoking, supportive and inspiring. It’s great to be part of this wonderful group of women that are there for each other . It’s amazing the support and kindness they show for each other. Janey and Gill are so supportive and so authentic and passionate. The best thing I have learnt that’s ok to be perfectly imperfect.You will not regret investing in yourself whatever stage of life you are at.”

“I’ve done BEST twice and the updated calls this year were even better and the advice on the Q and As just keeps getting stronger and stronger. I honestly don’t know I lived without knowing the BEST principles and having the on-going support of the group. Well I do, because before BEST I was literally surviving, just chugging along. But now I’m truly flourishing and whilst I’m work in progress (my no. 1 take out of BEST) I really am the best version of myself and my life feels more and more authentic, strong and easy. Signed up for next year too and looking forward to the new add ons!”

“This is my first year on Best and I’ve already signed up to repeat it next year. Just do it!” 

Want to grab one an early bird place on BEST or see the weekly breakdown of BEST topics? Please Click HERE

You get one life, if you want to live it your way and have a peace of mind every single day of your life? You’ll love BEST!

Janey x



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