10 ways the Tummy ATTACK can transform your tummy (and body) in 28 days

If you’re looking to change the way your tummy looks, feels and functions, look no further! Hundreds of women all over the world have completed the Tummy ATTACK with incredible results – check out the testimonials and before and after pictures HERE!

Here are the 10 ways the Tummy ATTACK can transform your tummy (and body!) in 28 days.

1. It will get you a flat tummy fast 

By tackling food management with clever cardio and core exercises as well as strength training, stress management and gut health, women are astounded with the results they get with this 28 day program.

There are no fad diets and ridiculously gruelling training schedules, just clever choices and smart workouts. It is not uncommon for women to drop 1-2 dress sizes in the month 🙂


2. 80% nutrition, 20% fitness

Most women focus too much on exercise and not enough on eating. I have women who’ve been doing regular workouts for over a year, do the Tummy ATTACK and because there is such a lot of emphasis on the nutrition side, and they finally get the results they’ve been after for years. As someone who only got the body I want when I focused on food as well as fitness I know first hand the power of this. This famous quote sums it up nicely…

”Great abs are built in the kitchen”

3. Inside out

Most women don’t fully appreciate that most excess weight around the middle is not just fat by eating too much or not exercising enough, but can be because of gut health issues that cause bloating underneath the fat. Things like leaky gut syndrome and candida are massively on the increase. When you start working from the inside out, results not only come quicker but are long lasting too.

“Addressing the state of your gut is not just about the food you eat or the exercise you do”


4. You’ll have a stronger core than ever before

Look to get a great shape around the middle core work IS key, especially if you want definition and a waist. The Tummy ATTACK bootcamp provides SO many amazing workouts that work every single angle of your tummy, core and obliques. And the 90 minutes of bonus Pilates videos have helped so many women literally transform their bodies in such a short space of time.

“I wanted to shout out to Janey for creating Tummy Attack. It’s the one programme I have reached for over and over when I need to get strong, especially after two C Sections. I’m two weeks in and today I did my first headstand in yoga since being pregnant with the youngest!”


5. Your body will change shape in places you didn’t even know about

As someone who’s predominantly trained women for 18 years, I always create workouts that change women’s body shapes. And the workouts on the Tummy ATTACK are no exception. Clients often tell me that they can’t believe how much their body has changed shape and in places they didn’t even realise were possible! I always include a lot of lateral work that involves the lower back, triceps, legs etc. around all that wonderful cardio and core work on this program. Our bodies adapt REALLY well to exercises like these and it’s such a great feeling to see your body strength and definition improve in such a short space of time 🙂

6. You’ll get these changes in less than 3 hours a week of exercise and making clever but simple nutritional switches and some positive lifestyle choices

You don’t need to train an hour a day every day to get great results, FAR from it! Sleep, food and stress management all play a huge role too. So when you combine all of these, you don’t need to train so much! The Tummy ATTACK helps women look at how they get the changes they want to see in an entirely different perspective. Yes the workouts are challenging, but they won’t take over your life!


7. You’ll learn to lower stress levels which will lower cortisol (your ‘fat around the middle’ hormone)

Repeat after me… “STRESS MAKES WOMEN FAT” Understanding our endocrine system is pretty full on, as it’s really complex. But the basics most women need to really take with them is that any stress we have (actual or emotional) kicks off our fight or flight system which in turn releases cortisol into the blood stream. The more this happens the more you can end up storing fat, AROUND YOUR MIDDLE. You cannot consider a flat tummy without looking at the impact of the stress in your life. The article below explains the science.

“Excessive stress even affects where we tend to store fat. Higher levels of stress are linked to greater levels of abdominal fat, which can be particularly tough to shed.” Read the full article ‘Why stress makes you fat” HERE


8. You’ll beat the bloat

On the Tummy ATTACK you’ll get to learn all about things that aggravate your gut. Common culprits are wheat, dairy and sugar, but can also include eating too much fruit (controversial I know) and also what I can individual energy toxins – things we eat that we don’t realise our bodies are reacting too – and these can often be healthy things too. Caffeine and alcohol also need to be considered as do the WAY you eat your food and how you SIT when you eat. When you beat the bloat life just gets so much better, your body will respond in the way you want it to and your energy will soar! The Tummy ATTACK water is one of the greatest beat the bloat drinks that my clients get hooked on!

This is one of my client’s husbands who did the Tummy ATTACK with her and LOVED the Tummy ATTACK water (and the fact that the Tummy ATTACK workouts helped him beat his PB on his running time!…


9. You’ll look taller, stronger and lighter

A stronger core and fitter body completely changes the way a woman walks and looks. You can often look 10 pounds lighter just by tightening and toning your tummy, back and glue muscles. I’m not a fan of weighing myself on the scales but what I know from hundreds and hundreds of women who’ve done the Tummy ATTACK is that other people comment and say things like “Wow, you look like you’ve lost so much weight” when in fact often the scales don’t change. If this freaks you out, check out this VERY powerful image that explains my way of thinking. Strength training of loss on the scales anyway. Although of course many of my clients do lose weight as well as change shape, it all depends on your own body composition and where you are before starting the program.



10. You’ll learn to look after and love your tummy for life

The Tummy ATTACK isn’t just about short term results, it’s about inspiring women to look after their guts for life, be consistent with exercise long term, particularly core work and also LOVE their tummies just as they are  – YES even if you’re working to improve that area!

The more you work with your tummy and body, rather than against it, the more your tummy and body will respond. The Tummy ATTACK isn’t just about workouts and eating plans, it’s about mindset. And one of the things that women report most about having done the Tummy ATTACK is how much they see their tummies in a different way


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Janey x