10 ways to get LBD ready!

If you want to sparkle from top to toe, inside and out this party season and throughout Christmas 2018, it’s time to get yourself focused before the festive fun begins!

Here are 10 ways to get you LBD ready in a few weeks…

Prioritise your focus and go a little bit nuts – You have so much fun coming up in a few weeks, so just lock in, prioritise your LBD mission and you really will thank yourself for putting in the graft. It’s not just about rockin’ it in your Little Black Dress, but also how you feel once you’re fitter and stronger. End your year on a total healthy & happy high, nothing beats that feeling!


Drink my Tummy ATTACK water – On the Tummy ATTACK bootcamp, we get the girls to drink Tummy ATTACK water which is filtered or still water with added mint, lemon, ginger, fennel & cucumber (you can also include add lime and basil too). It’s a natural gut soother and encourages your body to gently detox and because it tastes SO good, you always want to drink more of it! It’s the perfect hydrator and energy lifter, so important before (and during!) party season!

Epsom salts bath every other night – These salts which you bathe in are magnesium sulphate which help to a) increase magnesium levels – an essential mineral for weight loss and lowering sugar cravings b) draws toxins out of the body, c) restores the body’s PH balance, d) calms adrenals e) relaxes the nervous system and f) reduces water retention. Popular with Hollywood A-listers, these really are an essential party prep ingredient. I order mine from www.epsomsalts.co.uk.

Eat 3-5 portions of greens every day – Highly nutrient dense and low calorie dense is the winning formula that is greens. Choose from kale, spinach, watercress, collards, rocket, broccoli etc which will boost your immunity, skin, eyes and hair, will help you de-bloat your tummy area and decrease calorie intake too – the ultimate win-win combo if you want to get into your favourite black dress that is a little tighter than you’d like! Eat greens at every meal and add them to your juice in the morning too!


Cut out all wheat and white carbs – These just bloat you out, are high in calorie, low nutrient-dense and increase water retention. Replace with small portions of sweet potatoes, brown rice, butternut squash and quinoa.

Cut out all dairy from cows – Milk, yogurt, cheese and cream are big no-nos that aggravate the gut and are high in calories too. Goats milk & cheese don’t have such a negative effect on the body, so swap cheddar for feta and have coconut yogurts or coconut cream instead of your classic dairy options. Always choose organic which has less hormones (the animals are pumped full of these to help them produce eight times the amount of milk if you buy non-organic).


No fruit or fizz – Although controversial, fruit is a big gut aggravator and typically the more fruit you eat the more you want as most is high fructose (the most addictive kind of sugar). Many women choose fruit as a classic ‘diet’ option but it’s actually one of the worse things to eat if you’re loading up on it (as many slimming clubs recommend). Choose vegetables instead (less sugar, still packed full of nutrients) and if you’re not keen on giving it up, then aim for no more than two pieces a day and don’t eat straight after a meal because it will ferment and cause bloating. Cut out fizzy drinks too (and chewing gum) which increase tummy bloating as you consume air into the body.

Keep stress at bay – Stress is the biggest body-hinderer out there. You’ll release cortisol which means you’ll store more fat around the middle, you’ll have increased food cravings and when you’re stressed that means the blood supply to your gut reduces by up to 80%. Food can’t be digested properly, digestion gets sluggish so you keep more toxins / waste in the body a lot longer than they should be, causing further bloating and unnecessary toxin storage (which require water, fat and self-made cholesterol to store in the body). Not to mention that stress zaps you of energy and radiance – it’s impossible to shine when you’re stressed!


Banish the booze and look after your liver – Drink no more than one glass of wine a day, or preferably have 4-5 alcohol free nights a week in the lead up to party season and ensure you consume lost of liver protecting foods. Lots of fresh lemon juice, greens, garlic, walnuts, grapefruit, avocadoes and turmeric support our livers. A well functioning liver will always help boost body results too.

Train smart – Don’t just do a workout to tick it off your to do list, attack your workout like you’re a Super Hero! Blend cardio work – ideally a blend of high Intensity Interval Training with something like fast power walking or running or swimming WITH conditioning work – such as free weights or body weight work i.e. press ups, squats, triceps dips and lunges. Don’t forget the core work either! On a shorter body blitz mission like this, train smart (and like a Super Hero!) at least 5 to 6 days a week. Either training with cardio/core/conditioning combo workouts like we have on the Tummy ATTACK bootcamp, alternate between cardio and conditioning as we do on the Best Body bootcamp or try a mixture of kick boxing, conditioning, HIIT, yoga and cardio core on the SELF-CARE Bootcamp.  Power walk everywhere too, get a pedometer and aim to reach 12k + steps on top of your workouts. As per point one, GO A BIT NUTS!!!


If you’re ready to get REALLY party season ready, then come and join us on one of the 28 day bootcamps that start on Monday 12th November! Choose from the SELF-CARE, Tummy ATTACK, SugarHIIT and Best Body bootcamps and let us help you (alongside an amazing bunch of women who are going to be locking in to the 28 days with you too) transform your body and mind so you really do have the best end to the year!




Janey xx


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