TOP TIPS VLOG : 10 ways to turn your cr*p around!

If you read my last blog Don’t struggle in silence – 10 top tips to lift you if you’re struggling in your life right now, you’ll know that I was really struggling over the last few months. I have been completely overwhelmed with the response and I’m so glad that it helped so many people realise that it is OK to struggle!

And it’s also OK to be in your wallow pit for a while, which is exactly where I was! But it’s also really important to get yourself out of it too. As a mindset coach, I help people turn things around and I knew I needed to do the same with myself. So I took my own advice, used a stack of my BEST program principles and with some simple thought management switches and clever action, I am in completely different place and I wanted to share them with you.

Here is a video blog with 10 main ways I have turned my cr*p around and I’d love to invite you all to a FREE 10 day ‘Turn your cr*p around!’ mastermind program which starts on Monday 17th June!

Check out my video-blog, and find out more about the mastermind at the end of my tips.  You can sign up to the mastermind program below!

Or CLICK HERE to watch.


The FREE Turn your cr*p around mastermind group!

What you need to know…

· This mini 10 day mastermind program is where I am going to help anyone turn their cr*p around – whether actual or mental!

· It’s going to be a really positive and empowering experience and is open to men and women of all ages.

· By signing up in the box below, you will have access to the mastermind program page hosted in a password protected page on my website. Where you need to fill out an anonymous online survey. This means that all master mind content is tailor made to those taking part

· From Monday 17th June to Wednesday 26th June, I will create and share a variety of videos, audios and coaching exercise PDFs that will be added to this page to help your turn your cr*p around!

· There is going to be loads of really helpful and inspirational content and for ease, all content is broken down into 15-30 minute chunks

· I will help you with a combination of practical solutions and thought management techniques and we will explore, beliefs, fears, barriers and roadblocks that are holding you back and how to improve confidence, self-trust and ‘I can do it’ mindset to propel you forwards

· There is an optional Facebook support group where you can interact with other masterminders (and me!), but all content that is created will be available to all via the mastermind program page

· You can take part completely anonymously if you prefer

· Please note that I’m GDPR compliant and not one of these coaches that sends out loads of pre-set emails (these drive me MAD!). You’ll get an automated email on sign up so you can access the program page, we will email you as the program starts and once the first round of content is uploaded and we will email you at the end of the bootcamp with a list of all content that I’ve created over the 10 days.

· Any questions, please let me know!


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