FREE 15 day bootcamp – Day one: RESET time!


So this is a 15 part blog series I’m kicking off today – like a mini reboot / reset bootcamp, all on me! No need to sign up to join in, it’s just going to be here on the blog section – after all, I like to make things easy!

The idea being you can follow this now, or at anytime you might want to reset or reboot your food, fitness or lifestyle. It’s going to combine some of my online workouts taken from my amazing online fitness programs, some mini motivational audios I’ve done just for this blog series and some simple top tips on various topics I know will help people get back on track or kick start their body & mind!

So today’s theme is RESET!

Resetting positively is key and the idea of this blog is to give you some basic pointers of things you can implement simply, today. However if you feel like you need a complete life reset (as many of my clients do), you may want to join me on my BEST mindset program  – the first month is dedicated to taking control of your life again, including getting real, resetting (and rebooting) your life, removing denial and the right goal setting for you.

But right now, I’m going to get you to reset physically, so I have a 7 minute snowy squat workout for you (no need to do an hour of training today, although you can add to this video if you want to!!), we’re going to talk about implementing water, greens & lemons into your eating, plus I want you to prioritise some sleep – the key to energy, vitality & feeling great!

Please do an all over body warm up (hamstring curls, half jacks, heel digs, leg swings those kind of things) and/or go outside for a 15-20 minute fast power walk before hand so you’re ready to do the following workout. (N.B. By clicking the link below you agree to our terms and conditions which includes you must being able to pass a PAR Q fitness questionnaire. If your GP would not be OK with you exercising, please do not do the video!).  I filmed this in 2013 and it’s one of my favourite lower body/hip/core workouts – IN THE SNOW!!

This video is password protected – to view, please use mteblog1



Here are your 5 top tips for today:

  1. I would like you all to get a 2l bottle of water. Drink a small cup full and then add a washed chopped lemon to it – this must be drunk by the time you go to bed tonight!  Drink herbal teas throughout the day too – peppermint and fennel are my personal favourites. Or if you have fresh mint in your garden, add that to hot water.
  2. I also want you to ensure you have 3-5 portions of raw or lightly looked greens / green veggies. Choose from spinach, broccoli, rocket, kale, spring greens, watercress, sprouts. This is because greens are very highly nutrient dense, alkaline AND low in calories (why I live on them!). You could have spinach with poached eggs for breakfast, A frittata with goats cheese & broccoli with a watercress salad at lunch and then some baked fish/chicken for dinner with some kale & spring greens or sprouts for example. It supports the body with nutrients, it helps fill you up without wasting calories and they help reset your digestion system as they are gut supporters not aggravators. Drizzle all food with olive oil & lemon for an additional body support boost!
  3. Please leave out the energy zapping foods like dairy (from cows), wheat and sugar – these are nutrient robbers too so when you’re wanting to reset, it’s important to make things easy for your body!
  4. On the Tummy ATTACK – we drink Tummy ATTACK water – a combo of lemon, fennel, fresh mint, ginger & cucumber and you can mix and match basil and lime in. It’s amazing for rehydrating and detoxing and water & lemon or herbal teas don’t do it for you, try this – I’m yet to meet someone who hasn’t loved it!
  5. Finally – get to bed early! I’m astounded as to how many people put up with feeling below par because of lack of good quality sleep. It is SO important. As I’m writing this I’m 6 months+ pregnant and I’ve been suffering from some pregnancy induced insomnia (twitchy legs, needed to pee every hour or so, crazy dreams and probably a bit of over thinking as well – ugh!) and I’m astounded as to how my energy and mood have plummeted and my sugar & carb cravings have soared. This is not coincidence! It made me realize that there must be so many people in the world living practically like zombies, not realizing how much they would flourish by getting 8 hours sleep a night instead of struggling on 4-6. It makes a huge difference so PLEASE, over the next 15 days, aim to get to bed early, switch off all electronic gadgets 2 hours before you go to bed, write a to do list before you go to bed so it’s out of your head and onto paper and feel that energy lift!

So this is your day one physical reset and tomorrow, we’ll be looking at how to mentally reset, looking at guilt, thoughts, choices and more on relaxation!

If you’d like to take part in any of my New Year programs AND save 20%, please use code BLOG1 to get 20% off the Tummy ATTACK, Best Body bootcamp or SugarHIIT bootcamps starting 11th Jan, or 20% off any automated programs (All the online fitness bootcamps are available as automated versions which you can start at anytime, or choose from Wine Management Made Easy, Confidence , Food Diary Analysis & Emotional Eating automated).  This offer excludes BEST and the 11th January live  Emotional Eating program) and you must book by 31st December!

Have a fab day, enjoy your workout and I hope your body responds well to the positive food choices I’m asking you to make today!

Janey x

PS If you like the concept of this free 15 day bootcamp and/or think your friends / followers would enjoy it too, I’d LOVE you to share it on social media! Simply click the icon of your choice below – it helps more people find out about me and what I do here at Making Things Easy, it helps people become healthier and happier, plus you doing a good deed will create a brilliant energy for you – win-win all round, don’t you think?!  Thank you:)

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  • Emma December 27, 2015   Reply →

    Shared on my FB page as think a lot of mums from my group would be interested. Is it possible to get the recipe for the Tummy Attack water? Keen to make some up today – thanks Janey and good luck with the pregnancy, I’m a single (and sole) parent and hats off to you!

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