Why run when you can walk?

There’s a rumour that you need to run to get your best body, but it’s rubbish. If you like running great, if you can motivate yourself to run, brilliant, but if you can’t do it because of injuries (or even just because you don’t like it) walk, walk, walk. And don’t listen to anyone who says it’s easy!

After a month of power walking 60 minutes a day six days a week, you will have walked over 150kms. And, if you are walking at a good pace your body will have changed shape. FACT. Try it and if it doesn’t work, give me a call!

I have a girl from an online program I’m coaching who did just this and she got more results in a month of walking than from any other fitness ‘regime’ she had done in years. It’s flexible, fun, stress-free, do-able and it’s on the up. Did you know that people now have power walking meetings where instead of chatting about a project over coffee, they do it while walking round their local park? Genius.

Here’s why I love power walking and why I want to inspire all women to try it:

1. We walk on average the equivalent of a marathon LESS A WEEK than we did in the seventies. This is one of the main reasons the nation is getting fatter.

2. Yes walking burns less calories than running but women can walk for longer, so overall the calorie burn over the week can be higher.

3. It’s flexible and practical. Unlike running, you can do it after eating, do it on the way to and from work or the station without too much hassle, do it anywhere and actually do it with a hangover!

4. I walk at about 7.5kms per hour, some of my running guru friends couldn’t do 20 minutes at this pace and had to stop. It is not as easy as it looks!

5. Think that’s not hard enough for you? Try doing it on a 5% incline.

6. Walking works the glutes (bottom) and the backs of our legs more, whereas running works the actual legs more as it’s high impact. In running, there is always your whole body weight going through one leg and joint as you switch legs in the air, of course with power walking one foot remains on the floor at all times. Both have benefits but most women I know can walk more each week than they can run so get better results as a result.

7. Walking works our waist because we naturally rotate as we walk, so a win-win as far as I’m concerned. Many women I work with love the ‘kill two birds with one stone’ approach!

8. For the ultimate body shape change, combine fast walking with free weights. Use power walking as your cardio and leg shape change work and use free weights for back, chest and arm conditioning. Adding squats, lunges and core work will also help you get a better body.

9. It’s a perfect postnatal workout for new mums – fitting in with their baby’s routine and is safe to do as well as encouraging new mums to get out in the fresh air.

10. It’s the perfect stress-buster. If you feel overwhelmed or anxious, one of the best things you can do is get walking, de-frag your brain, get some fresh air and some feel-good hormones pumping around your body all in one.

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Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

Janey x

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