23 inspirational quotes for 2023!

 The definition of inspire is “To breathe life into”. And I hope the following quotes do just that!

I’ve picked some of my favourite ever quotes, the ones that have really helped me over the last few years. And I’ve added some extra insight and tips too!

Inspirational quotes can become little positive and uplifting life guidelines for you; especially when you need a boost. But they can also give you a little empowering nudge as well!

Read on and enjoy!

“You may be about to have the best year of your life” – What a wonderful quote to focus on right now! Unless you’ve stepped into the future and can say otherwise, living life with this on your radar can change SO much.

“When Plan A isn’t an option anymore, you simply have to thrash the hell out of Plan B” Sheryl Sandberg wrote this when her first husband died in 2015. I know lots of people’s Plan As aren’t on the table anymore for a variety of reasons. So this mindset of somehow embracing a different path rather than fighting the one you wished you could have, can be empowering. Sheryl Sandberg actually got married again last August. And whilst no one will ever replace her husband that died, she really has created the best plan B for herself possible.

“Expect the best, let everything be ok and bring it on” I learnt this from a coach I worked with last year and I’d never heard it before, but it really stuck with me. One thing I know from being a coach myself, is that most people don’t expect the best! How about we switch that self-limiting  mindset up?! And when we let everything be ok and have the bring it on energy around that. It can be one of the greatest mojo boosters too.

“Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” This is so simple but a great reminder that what we do first thing in the day really does determine an awful lot. This is why I’m a great fan of a little journaling before I get going in the morning and certainly before I switch my phone on! And this is why people LOVE my 30 days to a high vibe life – just a 5-8 minute audio each morning to change how you think, feel and see yourself and the world around you.

“It is never too late to start all over, sort your stuff out and do something completely different with your life” THIS!!!!! Vera Wang didn’t start designing wedding dresses until she was 42.  Never ever, ever forget the power of “It’s never too late to become what you might have been”! I know awesome marathon runners that only took up running in their late forties. I know a woman that trained to be a barrister in their fifties. And one of my clients who is a top QC, told me about a case she worked on where a woman in her nineties won an age discrimination case when she was declined a university place. Age is just a number!

“And then she got up ONE LAST TIME” If you’re struggling with anything big right now, or you’re feeling flat and deflated from life’s heaviness, whatever is going on. Maybe you’ve been let down, or you are questioning whether you have anything left in you after another difficult year. This is for you! I used this quote as a guiding motto when I was going through something so challenging a few years back. And it helped me so much. I even set it as the screen saver on my phone!

“Don’t let someone else’s opinion of you become your reality” Bright, successful and wonderful women are often a dimmer version of themselves because of what others think, feel or say about them. But this is criminal! And literally robs women of so much freedom, confidence and joy. What others think of you is absolutely none of your business. The most important thing is for you to create such a great relationship with yourself and that YOU create the reality and life you want for you. Other people’s opinions are based on their values, beliefs and maps of the world. Don’t let their stuff create doubt or dull your sparkle!

“Having the right circle of women around you is honestly the biggest life upgrade” My whole career – since running bootcamps on Wandsworth Common from 2006 to 2019 – and creating online coaching programs since 2011 – I’ve seen first hand, the power of women who have a group of women around them that truly have their back. And these women don’t have to be your friends and family! In fact, the power of a group of women working towards a common goal, determined to create the change they want, not having emotionally vested interests in them, simply having their back and being part of a non judgemental environment, is THE absolute game changer for so many women. One of my new The Women’s Mindset Club clients said just before Christmas “I’ve never felt so heard and supported as I have being part of your community”

“A Sunday well spent brings a week of content” I have always loved and lived by this quote and remembering that a little bit of time on a Sunday to get ready for a new week is your life management super power! I always batch some healthy food up, map out my week and take out things to make it more balanced. I do something self-care related, get myself positively geared up for a new week and it makes such a difference. I often have a power hour on a Sunday afternoon too – where I crank up the tunes and blitz the house. This stuff makes Monday’s easier and then I get off on a good foot!

“I’ve got 99 problems and 96 of them are completely made up scenarios in my head that I’m stressing about for no logical reason” This is the truth. Most of us have so many ‘problems’ that simply don’t need to be. Keep pushing back with what is fact and what is fiction. And what you are in fact making worse with out of control thoughts? Worrying is a misuse of your imagination. Remember that!

“Instead of saying “I don’t have time”, say “I’m not making this a priority” and see how that changes things” This quote is what inspired me to become a priorities queen and time block ninja over the last couple of years! We throw this ‘I don’t have time’ line around all the time and it’s a deterrent from the truth. AND, it’s an incorrect and unhelpful justification, that means we don’t take responsibility for our choices. You make for the things that are important to you and if you find it hard to prioritise and find time for everything, check out my Life Management Formula in the The Women’s Mindset Club and my Time BOSS program get’s going in a couple of weeks.

What would your future self be yelling at you to do right now? When we tap into our future selves, we usually tap into a wiser version of us. What is the woman 10 years older than you looking back on this moment screaming at you to do or not do? What is the Friday version of you needing the Sunday version of you to do differently? What is the June version of you wanting you to take command of right now? These questions can give you huge breakthroughs!

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life” I have this as a tapestry on my office wall! My Nan made it when I was a child and I always loved it. You don’t need a new year or a Monday for a reset, we have a new day every 24 hours to get stuck into! On my BEST program calls, there is a call about resetting yourself with a message about if you landed in your life right now, and all you had was what was ahead of you – and the past wasn’t your responsibility, what would you do? You only have the circumstances you have and the future. We are so terrible at focusing on the past, but today is always the first day of the rest of your life!

“Tell the negative committee that sits in your head to sit down and shut up!” As a mindset coach with over 12 year’s experience, I still get those stupid voices in my head. I know where they come from, I know the triggers, but I’m also good at quietning them down! Telling those voices to shush, ignoring them and overriding them, really is your magic in life. If you’re in the The Women’s Mindset Club visit the mindset section and BEST and you’ll find a “HOW TO manage your inner dialogue” zoom – it’s gold! 

“One life, just the one. Why aren’t we running like we’re on fire towards our wildest dreams!” Life and the grind and the news and our unhelpful beliefs. And the opinions of others and the fact that we as humans are so flippant with time, means we can fall into an existence that we don’t even want! But too busy to question it! This is it everyone, your one shot. And by the way you can learn to be happy where you are whilst going and following your dreams. A lot of people’s dreams and ambitions are crushed by the education system, parents, siblings, bosses, the things we ‘should’ do instead. Tell all of these things to buzz off. And work out what makes your soul shine and do more of it! And you might want to spend less time on your phone too. That’s why I created TECH BOSS 1.0 – because I predict one of the biggest regrets our generation will face will be “I wish I’d spent less time on my phone!”.

“You had the power all along my dear” I’ve often thought about getting this tattooed on my arm as a reminder that we all really do have the power within us for all sorts of things – it’s ALL there. I hated exercise, then went on to create one of the most successful UK fitness brands. I was a sugar addict and couldn’t imagine a great life without it. Then I didn’t eat it for a decade and now I have it occasionally without it being a trigger! No one hated themselves more than me 20 years ago. No one. Now I’m my biggest advocate and cheer leader – I even high five myself as I walk past the mirror! We can all change, we can all learn and we all have the power within us. It’s there! This is one of the big foundations of my “I’ve got the POWER” program.

“Behind every successful woman is the butt she got moving to get her there” Oh yes! But most women don’t give themselves enough recognition for all the great things they do (too busy focusing on the things they haven’t or not done as well as they wanted to!).  The greatest relationship you’ll ever have in life is with yourself. Make it a great one and remember that ONLY YOU can create the change, mindset, mood, health, business and life you want and deserve. If you want a better relationship with yourself, then I recommend my BEST and BEST 2 audios!

“Outgrow your own bullshit” So one of the key messages I teach my clients is we have to get the balance of being kind to ourselves and on our sides, whilst also getting out of our own way!  I promise you that most the things you want in your life are the other side of you pushing through your crap! A slightly more inspirational way of explaining this is the Hero’s journey concept. Basically, we all have to slay the dragons to get the treasure! Dragons can be fear, or learning how to do something better, making different choices, creating better habits. What treasure do you want in life and what’s stopping you? Might it actually be yourself? (remember still be kind to you if it is!)

“She remembered who she was and the game changed” This quote often pulls me out of a place that I can sometimes fall into as a single mum of three and an SEN Mum (6 yo daughter with ASD / SPD and looking like ADHD/PDA too), who has her children all the time. Women can so easily lose themselves in relationships, businesses, parenting, the life grind. On my RISE program one of the self-coaching questions I came up with was “what is the version of you that has the right support, more time and money and has had a full night’s sleep?” (I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in 7 years nearly!). And I remember the tears streaming down my face! I stopped going against myself, I started to remember the real me, not the haggard me! We really can forget out true selves when in a place of struggle.  Every now and then I take myself off to somewhere lovely and have a ‘remember who the fuck you are day” – highly recommend it! It helps you get out your current reality, which is a little solution in itself.

“And every day, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling, “This is important! And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!” And each day, it’s up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, “No. This is what’s important.” Iain Thomas This is really at the crux of all the time and life management side of my work. In this crazy modern world there is always so much that can (if we let it) take over our lives. We can only prioritise certain things, there is only so much of our head space, time, attention and energy  we can give to others. Keep checking in with you and what YOU need, And also what’s important to you.

“You are what you settle for and whatever you don’t change you are choosing” I honestly think so many people forget this. If you are not happy with your life, change it. If you feel like you’ve settled for less than you wanted and imagined, unsettle it! This doesn’t mean we have to be in a place of ungratefulness and permanently wanting more. That WILL make you feel rubbish! But anything you don’t like about your life that you aren’t changing is YOUR stuff. End of. And as I said above, it’s about getting the balance between driving yourself out of a place you don’t want to be WITH self-kindness, self-kindness and self-compassion. In the 10 years I’ve been running BEST (now part of my The Women’s Mindset Club), the changes I’ve seen women make from listening to audios, submitting lots of questions to get their money’s worth and being courageous, have literally blown my mind!

“Stop saying ‘yes’ and ‘ok’, when you should be saying ‘no thanks’ and ‘fuck off’ – Ha ha, it’s SO true! I had a huge response when I shared this on my Insta stories a few days ago, so I had to include in here 🙂 And this was taken from a 5 day mini course I ran a few year’s back called “The Power of saying NO”. One of my biggest life breakthroughs was realising I could still be a super kind human being (kindness is one of my top, top life values) and still say NO! I used to be a co-dependent, YES person with low self worth. Now I feel great about myself and say no an awful lot!

“Women who invest in themselves go further. When was the last time you invested in yourself? Not your kids. And not in a holiday or a handbag. But YOU?” Women are terrible at investing in themselves, but women who invest in themselves go further and feel better. And at times like these, when many woman are looking even more carefully about what they spend their money on, they can fall to the bottom of a long list of things other people need. But we have to remember that when we shine, those we love shine. When we are supported, WE have more energy. When we put our focus on to something positive that benefits how we think and live, everyone and everything benefits. And all the stuff I teach helps people cope with difficulties and challenges in a completely different way (plus my energy and enthusiasm is contagious apparently!). One of my new Life Management Club members put it perfectly, when she nearly didn’t sign up, but then did!  She messaged “I told myself that I didn’t have the money and that I might be better off putting it towards other things. And then I stopped and realised that I work bloody hard for my money and most of it goes on other people! And I knew if I only signed up for the direct debit option my annoying naggy little voice would probably convince me stop after a month even though I really want and need this. So I took the plunge and have paid for a year upfront. Next year is going to be my year. I’m so excited. Can’t wait to get started.” This client has been listening to my mind and life changing audios all Christmas and her energy for life, the breakthroughs she’s having and how she’s taking command of her time and choices is just unbelievable!

Hope you found these quotes inspiring!

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