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  • In need of a mood mind and life upgrade?
  • Would love a positive personal focus to lift you?
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  • Feeling overwhelmed and stuck with pressure and grind of life?
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  • Want to get rid of worrying, stressful and negative feelings?
  • Want a miraculous mindset and energy boost?
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“When you say 30 days to a high vibe life, you really mean it don’t you! What a wonderful, wonderful program. So simple but so powerful” Rebecca E

You will never regret pressing play… you are only one audio away from a much better day!

This super simple, 30 day program, will change the way you think and how you see yourself and the world around you FOREVER.

It will teach you how to effortlessly:

  • Take back control of what you think, choose and focus on.
  • Move away from energy vampire thoughts and things.
  • Remove stuff that makes you feel rubbish and low vibe.
  • Create a kinder, more clever and uplifted mind; that will shift your perspective on how you show up in life AND how you see you and your life.
  • Feel better about yourself and your life with teeny, tiny nudges here and there.
  • Start dancing through life again; where life feels more fun and enjoyable!
  • Switch up your current thinking and perspective
  • Do more of what lifts you and less of what zaps you.
  • Get back to steering your life ship your way – where you’re in command and creating the journey you want.
  • Positively ride the waves of life with more self-empowerment and a smile on your face!
  • And it’s suitable for teen girls too!

“These audios have completely changed how I see everything. My mental health has really improved massively in just a month, thank you!” Sarah Ford

Tight for time? Well this program was designed for you in mind!

  • 30 x 5-8 minute audios, that are dropped into your inbox every day for 30 days!
  • You can start it at anytime (you set the daily emails off yourself when ready)
  • An optional, simple high vibe challenge of the day.
  • Or, so you can flex to your needs and lifestyle,  you have access to ALL the audios and content upfront
  • Binge listen if you’re someone that wants an immediate high vibe hit!
  • You have all the content for LIFE – repeat as many times as you like
  • And you can download all audios to ITunes and drop box
  • This program is £75. Or, included in The Women’s Mindset Club – CLICK HERE for details of that

“A week into 30 days to a high vibe life and I literally cannot believe how different I feel! I have loved the daily topics, they really are very thought provoking! And it’s really shifted my focus and mood. It has surpassed my expectations” Karen N

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(This program is included in The Women’s Mindset Club membership too – where you can access this AND every single program and resource!)

30 days and 30 ways to a high vibe life – your audios!

The summary of your 30 mind and life enhancing calls, which are packed full of inspiration, nuggets of mindset gold, little tips and exercises you can try out at home, are as follows:

  • Stop complaining!
  • Take back control of your unhelpful thoughts
  • The power of gratitude for upgrading your vibe
  • Do more of what makes your heart sing
  • Lighten up and stop being so serious!
  • Put yourself higher up your to do list and get clear on the consequences of your YES / NO choices
  • Stop feeling guilty!
  • Setting the intention for a higher vibe day
  • Re-write your story
  • Get rid of your energy vampires!
  • High vibe foods to lift your body, mood & mind!
  • Fact V Fiction – stop making stories up in your head
  • The importance of resetting yourself when your vibe drops
  • Drowning out the opinions and negative noise of others
  • Record the high vibe things that happen in your life
  • Know your high vibe inspiration and have it to hand!
  • Get excited about your future, I mean REALLY excited!
  • Get rid of your low vibe chaos and clutter
  • Stop stressing about the small stuff
  • What you tell yourself becomes your life experience, make sure you’re creating your optimum reality
  • Don’t ruin today by worrying about things that might not even happen tomorrow
  • The important of building your life YOUR way so YOU can thrive!
  • Put your blinkers on and stop looking at others
  • Know your high vibe anchors and use them
  • Stop taking in so much low vibe information
  • Properly unplug yourself now and again
  • Lean into difficulties, own them and lighten them to change them
  • What others think of you is NONE of your business
  • Not happy? That’s OK! You have the power to change it!
  • Remember who the hell you are!
  • Plus a 30 minute wrap up call sending you off with an overview and final tips and tricks!

Sign up now and see your mind, mood and life transform before your very eyes in just 30 days!

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(This program is included in The Women’s Mindset Club membership too)

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