Bonus Gut Health Module with Alex Manos


Alex Manos is one of the UK’s leading health experts and Functional Medical specialists and I’m so happy to have him on the 3P Health Program team!

He has so much knowledge which you are going to find SO helpful.

Alex has recorded this bonus module to teach you all about gut health, and he’s also joining me in some of the upcoming Q&A weeks, where he will tackle your questions.



Bonus Gut Health Module

CLICK HERE to watch (passcode:8=9MT^SR)

Please note – this has been recorded as one video, but you can skip forward to each of the 5 sections using the button at the bottom beneath the video that is circled in yellow in the image on the right.  You can skip back/forward as you wish!

Part 1 (24 mins long) – Get to know your gut: A journey from chewing to flushing!  

Part 2 (19 mins long) – Nourishing our microbiome: Food matters

Part 3 (19 mins long) – Stress and gut health

Part 4 (20 mins long) – The bigger picture of gut health: Environment and lifestyle

Part 5 (23 mins long) – Gastrogynaecology: The hormone-gut connection

To download the PDF slides that accompany the Gut Health series, please CLICK HERE 


Q&As with Alex Manos

The brilliant Q and A replays with full breakdowns are HERE – there are five that cover all sorts!


Extra Resources

Alex has put together a PDF list of resources for health tests and some book recommendations. CLICK HERE to download


Working with Alex

If you would like to find out more about Alex, please Click here