3P books and articles

This is where I will be sharing the links for books, articles and videos that you might like to read/watch!



The 21-Day Immunity Plan by Dr Aseem Malhotra – CLICK HERE to buy

This Naked Mind by Annie Grace – CLICK HERE to buy

The Biophilia Effect: The healing bond between humans and nature – CLICK HERE to buy

The Toxin Solution: How hidden poisons are destroying our health – CLICK HERE to buy

Oestrogen: The killer in our midst – CLICK HERE to buy


As I mention in week one, www.healthline.com is a place to get very balanced information about health, food and diets. They use up to date research.

Here are some I think you’ll find useful and I will of course share lots of articles over the year from all sorts of resources. But these are good ones if you’re someone who likes more detail around the things I discuss on my calls

Cooking oil benefits – CLICK HERE

20 high protein foods – CLICK HERE

Protein for vegans and vegetarians – CLICK HERE

What is tofu? – CLICK HERE

Is soy bad for you? – CLICK HERE

Is red meat good or bad for you? – CLICK HERE

Macros calculator – CLICK HERE
Water filter recommendation – CLICK HEREĀ 



Belly breathing – an amazing Ted talk and technique on how to do it – CLICK HERE – 10 mins long
Diaphragmatic breathing technique – CLICK HERE
Lymph body brushing – CLICK HERE