3P Program – Month 4

Welcome to Month 4 of the 3P Health Program!  

All of your content links are below.

They have been recorded on Zoom or audio and some of them and combine power point slides with a video.

The Zoom videos are better watched on a laptop or iPad. You can watch them from your phone but the slides will be quite small.

The power point slides are also available for you download and print out should you wish to. You don’t have to as there is nothing for you to work through on these tutorials but some might find it useful to print and file and of course make notes on as you watch (again optional!).

Please click the ‘CLICK HERE’ button on the tutorials below.




This week is all about Labels and Sugar.  There are 2 parts – an audio and a zoom video, details below.
Audio – the basics of labels and sugar – CLICK HERE
Accompanying Labels and Sugar Ebook – CLICK HERE
Zoom video exploring Waitrose labels online – CLICK HERE, passcode 7TN57zc.
Shopping list to accompany the zoom – CLICK HERE



This week is about Subliminal beliefs and messages. There are 2 sections and you can skip forward using the button beneath the video that is circled in yellow in the image on the right.  You can skip back/forward as you wish! Or if you prefer audio only, the link is below.

Zoom video – CLICK HERE (Passcode &z5=x5Iq

Audio version – CLICK HERE

There are 4 sections which have been recorded in two parts
Part 1 is sections 1 and 2  – 31 minutes
Part 2 is sections 3 and 4 – 24 minutes

Part 1. What are subliminal messages? 

Part 2. Impact of subliminal messages on us

Part 3. Effect of Subliminal message on Beliefs 

Part 4. What messages am I absorbing and / or giving to others?



This week is about easy meals/recipes and simple eating plans.
Part 1 – Easy meals and recipes – CLICK HERE
Part 2 – Simple eating plans – CLICK HERE
Easy meals and eating plans Ebook – CLICK HERE
14 day meal plan – CLICK HERE