Please find the Q and A replays below; with a summary of what was covered.

Please can I also take this moment to remind everyone that what is said on these calls, stays in these calls.


Wednesday 27th JanuaryCLICK HERE, passcode weuZ=7x&

Audio version – CLICK HERE

We cover all sorts from over eating psychology, the strong connections we make with beliefs and outcomes, self punishment from over eating and lots of visual tricks (NB, you’re going to need a blindfold!)

Someone asks about her own “crisps” trigger and does she keep them out the house to avoid?
Someone who wants a “great” body, has a disconnect with the advice Gill and I give because we don’t have the body she wants for herself. She also wants optimum health and food freedom but keeps getting ran back in to diets.

We also cover SELF-SABOTAGE! Someone knows she is sabotaging 3P as she isn’t pressing play, nor showing up. How can she switch up sabotage to success?


Wednesday 3rd MarchCLICK HERE, passcode TZi1!SzN

Audio version – CLICK HERE

Covering cake (literally!)
And alcohol (more on that on month 5 booze call coming up!)
Switching up how you see your ‘weaknesses’ – as the more you focus on them the more they are there!
Giving yourself permission rather than constant ‘analysis’ of what you’re doing all day long  / over thinking
Changing up the language you use
Considering  programming and sabotage on ‘weight’
Looking at difference between addiction and habits
Looking at what you really want and whether you’re prepared to put in the work to get there

And a whole lot more!


Wednesday 24th MarchCLICK HERE, passcode +NTG%F#1

Audio version – CLICK HERE
Difference between self-sabotage and will power
Patterns of life, seasons and motivaitons
Is there a problem between ego motivation goals and image goals?
Difference between alcohol sabotage and addiction

And looking at booze habits / sabotage / triggers


Wednesday 26th MayCLICK HERE, passcode AaH!s8tB

Audio version – CLICK HERE

Part 1 (Start to 30 mins) – Someone who posted in the FB group who is chained to their desk job, struggling with motivation, gained weight, had lump removed from breast, about to turn 40 and not feeling amazing like she wanted, says she has been focusing on other things i.e. work / new job. Has lovely walking track near where she lives, she doesn’t walk on it, a friend does and after doing that for a while has lost all her baby weight. Feels like nothing she does loves the lack of motivation or stuffing her face / eating junk. So much in her post on language as well as clues around programming. We also look at choices, values, taking responsibility, unhelpful beliefs and some suggestions on how to turn this around. Does she need weight loss solutions or indeed lifestyle management ones?

Part 2 (30 mins to 44 mins) – Someone else who is disappointed with herself as not kept up with 3P calls. Her life is great but the only part of her life she doesn’t like is her size. She knows what to do but can’t seem to do it. Meals are pretty good, but snacks on sweet things, she has good body image for the most part and 10 years ago got through the ‘battle of her life’ recovering from an auto-immune disease that left her wheel chair bound. She says her life is beautiful so why can’t she spot her weight out. Gill and I cover all sorts of angles to help this women challenge her roadblocks and see things differently. As well as sharing lots of tips.

Part 3
 (44 mins to 54 mins) – Someone whose Mum has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, having beaten it 11 years ago it’s come back. She is sad and angry and wants to know how to deal with her anger so she can make the most of the time left with her Mum. Gill shares some really great advice on how to do this and also things she may not have considered to do / ask at this really sad time.

Part 4
(54 mins to the end) – Someone who had said ‘when they don’t feel good they reach for the not so good things as they make her feel good’ – Gill shares a few tips on what to do in the moment but also shares the ‘bucket overflowing’ analogy which I think will help SO many of you!


Wednesday 23rd JuneCLICK HERE, passcode bB0T2$9w

Audio version – CLICK HERE
Part 1 – Internal battle with inner voice after listening to self-acceptance call. Someone who wants to lose weight and believes she will be healthier when she does struggles to see how Ashley Graham is healthy when overweight (esp re knee joints in years to come) – but the voice says “Ashley Graham is heavier than means doesn’t need to lose weight, therefore I don’t” type response. And, the more we move away from weight loss and talk more about health on this program, the more the inner voice uses that as an excuse not to make changes that she knows are causing her to be over weight – Gill and explore all sorts of tings around programming, beliefs, comparison and justifications.
Part 2 – Roadblock with husband, she wants to make health / life changes but he is resistant and defensive. Whilst she wrote the email to her, she realised that she has a ‘fear of losing him” and actually a fear for herself after making ‘bad choices’ for most her life around health etc. As Gill explains, this is a big communication piece – so we cover ALL sorts on how to open up conversations and also how to take responsibility for yourself
Part 3 – Someone who was making progress with booze / sugar / carbs but has had a catalogue of three horrible things that have acted as triggers and she wants to take back control before she goes back to where she used to be / doesn’t want to be, but feels like she is on a slippery slope towards. We cover a lot of things here around triggers, resetting, not taking responsibility for everything, talking more about how you really feel to those around you and linking to what Alex talked about on his Q and A re coping mechanisms and questioning what are we coping with



Food Q&A 1CLICK HERE to listen.  There are 8 Food related questions covered in this 35 minute audio Q&A (the link says 40 mins but my internet crashed so meant I couldn’t press stop!). Check out the Resources library for useful links relating to these topics.

Part 1 – 1 mins 30 – Sparkling water / soda water, how to make water taste better
Part 2 – 5 mins 38 – Difference  between wheat and gluten free with the 2 confusing ones – rye and oats
Part 3 – 8 mins  – Best choices to make when wanting good quality meat or fish so you are limiting antibiotics and hormones
Part 4 – 12 mins 30 – How to increase protein into a diet and come up with new, tasty ideas for meals that are higher in protein
Part 5 – 15 mins 30 – Issues with coffee
Part 6  -18 mins 30 – Collagen
Part 7 – 27 mins – Potatoes V Sweet potatoes
Part 8 -32 mins – Healthy hot chocolate options (but not “Options”!)



Gill Q&A 1 – Thoughts and voice

CLICK HERE to watch, the password is x^i7*7.s

Audio version – CLICK HERE

This was absolutely brilliant, so many women joined live which made it really interactive 🙂


Gill Q&A 2

CLICK HERE to watch, the password is t%k8&8sC

Audio version – CLICK HERE

On this call we looks at underlying beliefs around weight and size, look at things you can do in the moment regarding trigger food and out of control eating. And we also tackle unhelpful (and ask powerful) language. Plus lots on thoughts and behaviours –  including what you tell yourselves about things that work, when perhaps they don’t. And we also cover fear and control.



Alex Manos Q&A 1

Please do NOT watch this until you’ve watched the whole gut series as it won’t make sense as we refer back to parts of it!

CLICK HERE to watch (it has 2 sections) – the password is @*b%^Fg9

Audio version – CLICK HERE

Section 1  (28 minutes long) – Going through the issues with wheat, sugar, alcohol, meat and fruit / fructose on the gut and body. And why it’s important not to have too many carbohydrates

Section 2 (39 minutes long) – Going through a variety of questions (haven’t separated them as some advice is overlapping in the different questions) – we talk through cholesterol and creatine and what to do (and not panic) if you have hight cholesterol. We look at why people get underactive thyroid and one person who had dry eyes asked whether this was because of the medication she was taking. One woman is stressed, tired, achy, not sleeping, not feeling like herself, getting bloods tested at her GP. Someone else with a pelvic floor issue which we go through what could be causing that.


Alex Manos Q&A 2

CLICK HERE to watch (passcode =W%3Bf5U) – it’s 1 hour 20 mins long

Audio version – CLICK HERE

There are no separate sections because they are all so interlinked! We appreciate that this might be a long one to watch at once, so just press stop and make a note of the time to come back to if you want to listen in parts.
These are the topics covered (in this order) –
Family stomach acid history / genetics, should I have more alkaline food
Thoughts on the NEMCHECK protocol in children with link to gut/brain axis
Are grains bad for arthritis
What to do if you’ve got Raynaud’s disease, anything to eat that would help for circulation
Thoughts on Covid vaccine
What to do to support gut when stresses
Non fatty liver disease – is there a supplement to support the liver
Tips for bloating
Why do I react when I eat different foods (someone currently in Central America and eating lots of beans and white rice)
Cause of repeating food and feeling the taste of food in your mouth 1-6 hours after eating
Views on Symprove or Alflorex
Best gut health support / supplements for children
How do you know where your gut health is, therefore knowing what you need to do to improve if need be
Clear action points from Alex on what’s best to help gut health (he delivers 6 on this Q&A!)
Adrenal fatigue, how do I know I have it and any adaptogens Alex can recommend


Alex Manos Q&A 3 

CLICK HERE to watch (passcode 26y@p56D) – it’s 54 mins long

Audio version – CLICK HERE

We cover:
– The link between gut and skin – including acne, eczema and psoriasis – discussing medical treatment and complimentary treatment / nutrition / gut health.  In this, we also cover the impact of bing born premature and general mercury load on the body as well as birth / early years trauma on the nervous system
– We cover the leptin / ghrelin roles and how when these are out of balance they can impact a variety of things – but also how we can’t look and label these things alone because of how they are interconnected with so many other things.
– If you had to choose between giving up sugar or booze, whats best
– We also go through the best oils to cook with.

– And finally we end with a fairly deep chat about what long term health means and how we must look at so many other factors to eating better and being smaller!


Alex Manos Q&A 4

CLICK HERE to watch (passcode KQP4p@^y) – it’s 49 mins long

Audio version – CLICK HERE

We cover:
Part 1 – Sweeteners and protein shakes on the gut / health
Part 2 – If I want to lose a couple of stones, do I focus on calories, hormones, sugar or fat?
Part 3 – Is smoked fish ok, how often can we eat smoked fish, what about tuna / mercury etc?
Part 4 – Mum of 2 who is thinking of having a 3rd baby wants to wean off antidepressants before trying for a 3rd. Any supplements to take? What’s the link re the gut microbiome and mental health, where should she put her focus on to help herself out
Part 5 – Teenage daughter bad skin, now taking Dionet pill. Asks how to balance the pill out, can she still do hormone imbalance / hut health tests if she is on the pill, how long will it take for her skin to get better

Part 6 – Someone who asks about addiction history / trauma / genetics. Is her love / addiction of booze a genetic / trauma trigger thing. And if so is it worth her keeping on the uphill struggle of trying to stop drinking if it’s more than just motivation / habit issues.  Alex talks about various angles on addiction and addiction cause. And he also goes on to have quite a deep conversation at the end and talk about psychedelic therapy – FYI go into this last section with an open mind!!!


Alex Manos Q&A 5

CLICK HERE to watch (passcode aCpuC@E4)
CLICK HERE for audio only version
Impact on body from excess painkillers / paracetamol
What Alex eats each day
Why am I losing my hair
Physical impact of giving up alcohol

Plus as always we ended up going down some wonderful rabbit holes discussing all sorts of great things.

Alex Manos Q&A 6

CLICK HERE to watch (passcode Ar+#BEj5)
CLICK HERE for audio only version

Decaff / caffeine / coffee – what’s best, what’s dangerous, what do you need to know to make a decision around these things
Water – tap water, filtered, what sort is best, fluoride chat
Teens with mental health, self-harming, allergies, would looking at gut health help? What other things to consider?
Brain fog, booze & HRT
Someone asking if addiction to booze can be a positive thing if it makes you feel happy and you love being merry
Damp / mould illness recovery
Can nutrition / lifestyle changes impact dementia / parkinson’s