3p program – resources

Here are some resources that I have put together that I thought you’d find useful.


Feel free to download and save on your computer and of course print as well should you wish. As I mentioned on the intro audio, some of you might like to collate a file for these 🙂


Helpful at home list (PDF) – these are the staples I have and use at home, thought you might like to see these

3P Recipes & Eating plans (PDF) – This is an adapted version of an Ebook that came with a bootcamp I created. These are just ideas and although they contain eating plans I actively encouraging following them as such. They are more to give ideas. I will go through eating plans in more detail later on in the program. But as this was packed with so many ideas and tips, I’ve edited and popped it here as an additional resource for you!


Gut Health resources

Alex Manos has put together a list of recommendations – CLICK HERE to download


Protein increasing resources
Please note some of the recipes will contain ingredients that aren’t on my 80% principles list. That doesn’t mean you can’t have them, but think about what you are comfortable eating / drinking.
I have also included some links with eating plans – just for ideas really as protein content broken down
I have included more vegan / vegetarian ones just for lots of ideas, but remember you can add good (ideally) good quality / organic meat, fish, eggs and some organic dairy to these if you want to include animal products
Vegan meal plans packed with protein – CLICK HERE
Higher protein gluten free grains – CLICK HERE
High protein breakfasts – CLICK HERE
High protein vegetarian meals – CLICK HERE 
High protein vegetarian meal plan – CLICK HERE
High protein vegan diet plans – CLICK HERE 



Issues with too much caffeine – CLICK HERE
Caffeine and adrenals article – CLICK HERE


Bone Broth and Collagen

Bone broth: Is it weight loss friendly – CLICK HERE

Nutrients that increase collagen production – CLICK HERE 

How collagen could prevent bone loss – CLICK HERE

Collagen diet – CLICK HERE


Organic online butchers and fish

Mindful Chef suppliers – CLICK HERE
Ethical Butcher – CLICK HERE
Abel & Cole – CLICK HERE
Big Fish Brand – CLICK HERE  


Articles referenced in Principles Month 2

Why it’s so hard to pay attention, explained by science – CLICK HERE
How much is too much – CLICK HERE
Electromagnetic fields and cancer – CLICK HERE
Electromagnetic field safety – CLICK HERE
Dopamine, smartphones and you: A battle for time – CLICK HERE


Beauty resources

Top 12 beauty ingredients to avoid – CLICK HERE
All the nasties: Toxic skincare ingredients to avoid – CLICK HER
Toxic beauty ingredients – CLICK HERE
Microplastics: The red list – CLICK HERE
Anti perspirant info – CLICK HERE (I use Bionsen which is a gentle deodorant and aluminium and paragon free and although it does have some toxins in it is the one the majority of my breast cancer clients and friends have been advised to use instead of an antiperspirant.  You can buy Bionsen online and it is not too expensive)