5 surprising high vibe boosters!

It’s not all wahaay, happy clappy, woo hoo stuff that gives you a lovely vibe in life, it’s ANYTHING that gives you expansive energy 🤩

So here are my 5 surprising high vibe boosters that you might want to consider doing, if you’d like to improve your energy and how you feel about yourself and your life!



1.Getting the things you don’t want to do DONE! Ah procrastination… When there are things that we know need to be done but we don’t do them! Either out of fear, difficulty, we don’t like doing them, we don’t know how to do them, general little life roadblocks. The issue is that all the time we aren’t doing something that we know needs to be done, the fact we haven’t done them, lingers around us like a bad smell. It can sit on our shoulders, adding to our life pressure. Or even if you brush it under the carpet, it will still be there, bothering you, often unconsciously! Or will appear at 3am if you wake up in the night. The solution – JUST DO IT! Find the motivation to face up to it and remember that you will feel such a sense of freedom when it has been ticked off. Often I will create a list of things I don’t want to do but am GOING TO DO. Because they need doing, they will benefit me, and I will feel proud, empowered and FREE as a result – these are such high vibe emotions! Whatever you’re not facing up to, it won’t go away until it’s done. So you might as well roll your sleeves up and attack it! And even better, tackle it with the happily doing mindset 😃

2.Having a good sort out and spruce up of your environment – I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t had an energy and vibe boost from getting rid of clutter and having a little sort out / spruce up of their home or work environment! I’m not a natural home organiser, I’m way more efficient in my business than where I live! But I know I feel better when I get on top of it all. So every so often I have a sort out at home of a few areas and sell or donate to charity anything we don’t need. If you struggle with this stuff – consider getting help! Either google some books or invest in a declutter professional – they can often do in 3 hours what would take you three days to do.

3.Up-levelling your nutrition – This is absolutely key, because a lot of our physical energy (and indeed mental vibe) comes from eating really well. When I eat beige / white food and make boring meals, I simply don’t shine. When I eat lots of different plant foods, pack in as much colour, greens, herbs and great flavours, making super tasty meals, my energy soars! As a rule I always have a nutrient packed savoury breakfast. I always have something raw at every meal. I eat loads of different veg, I use lots of fresh herbs (usually 3-5 types per day) and I eat the right amount of carbs – not too much, not too little and the slow release energy kind. I also drink lots of water.   If I didn’t eat this way, there is NO WAY I’d have the energy and vibe I have!

4.Getting on top of your finances – It doesn’t matter whether you are a big earner, a medium earner or struggling with money and/or debt, being on your money (even if your situation is less than ideal) can be incredibly vibe boosting. A lot of low vibe energy around money comes from not owning where you are and staying in the worry zone (never helpful!). I really recommend creating a spreadsheet with all your fixed expenses each month, setting budgets for your variable costs (petrol, food, leisure activities, clothes, kids stuff, whatever you spend your money on) and each week (I allocate 30 minutes every Friday) cross check what has been spent and what’s left. If you have credit cards, have a tab for them too, either to show the debt you’re clearing, or if you’re using them, again set budgets and track it each month. I love putting money aside for certain things each month. I did 80% of my Christmas shopping during the summer hols (oh my that made me high vibe on a super sonic level!), but the money I spent had been put away each month for a period of 6 months. I also give 5% of my income to others – this is my favourite part of my money management! I love to choose how and who I’ll give my money to each month, it’s such an expansive feeling. In my business I also have a money management spreadsheet so I always know exactly where I am, how much cash flow I have etc.

5.Learning something new – Learning something now can be a wonderful low thought / low vibe diversion tactic. In other words, it can take you out of your head, especially if you struggle with out of control low vibe thoughts.  It can give you all sorts of benefits, from something positive to focus on, giving you some escapism, or teaching you a different skill or perspective in life. I am doing a wonderful online course at the moment, I love learning new things about mindset and life. It lifts me so much. Whenever I feel my vibe dip, I log in and listen to an audio / video or read a pdf – and it’s usually enough to snap me out of any lower place I might find myself. Taking in inspirational, helpful, positive information can change SO much.  Some of my clients choose to sign up to my BEST and BEST:Business calls only packages and I often get messages saying that after listening to just the first few calls, they had completely changed how they felt about their life and/or business and were really excited about what lies ahead and what they could do differently moving forwards. This is why so many women love my online programs – you can just log in and press play and be taken to a better place!

Why not get out your head and get off social media for a few weeks and try some of the above? You won’t regret it!

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