The 5 things that women need most to thrive

All throughout my career, from running bootcamps on Wandsworth Common to where I am now as an online mindset coach, there are 5 key things which I truly believe are the absolute foundation of helping women to thrive.

The things that can make their life more successful (whatever that means to them) AND their journey towards a goal or life in general much more enjoyable too.

1) An environment that allows them to flourish…

What I mean by this is:

? A judgement-free zone where women can feel safe, comfortable and unapologetically themselves – get women in a place like this and they totally bloom!

? A friendly, welcoming and inclusive space  – where women can freely express who they are, be accepted just as they are and where they can go on a journey of growth

? An environment where they are encouraged and can give themselves permission to be both empowered and vulnerable.

? To have people around them who give them hope and confidence and want the absolute best for the them – and don’t expect them to be perfect

? Somewhere they can be nudged (or gently pushed!) to move outside of their comfort zone and do something they haven’t done before that will help them grow. But… without force or pressure.


2) Inspiration that gives them hope, energy and ideas

The definition of inspire is to breathe life into – Many women have unhelpful thoughts, focus on difficulties or, spend time with energy zapping things or people. But this keeps them in a self-limited, contracted place.

? When they have inspiration, there is a different energy, one that is conduiceive to enjoyment and change.

? When women are inspired they start to believe they can (or at least might!) be able to do things they never believed possible before, this lifts them!

? The vibe women have changes! The feeling they get when they’re with someone or in a situation that breathes life into them, changes everything. They feel happier and alive!

?When women’s minds open up with expansive feelings, it allows them to be creative and move forwards towards their goals more easily. Inspired action is one of the greates places to be in life – where instead of things feeling like an uphill struggle and that they ‘have’ to do things. They find themselves ‘happily doing’.

?Inspiration breeds excitment! And excitement and enthusiasm itself is infectious – creating a ripple effect and inspires others to be excited for them too!


3) A motivational tool kit to help make them DO

Inspiration is one part of success, but ultimately action only happens when women know how to make themselves DO things! So it’s essential to go underneath the surface and look at HOW you can get going.

?You’ve got to know WHY you want something. And it needs to be magical. A lacklustre why usually means lacklustre attitude and energy.  Magic why = magic motivation!

?Women MUST learn what I call power actions and learn to manage distractions and procrastination.  It’s so easy to get pulled from pillar to post and to get caught up in other people and things – the very things that zap motivation and take them away from the change, success and joy they desire.

? Being in control of their time with great time management is essential – women are so bad at managaing  their time! When you combine power actions with time blocking, it’s SO much easier for women to create what they want for themselves whilst still doing other things that are also important or they have to do in life. If you need more time tips, check out my blog, ‘It’s time to get you more time’. 

?Women need to learn how to do the things they don’t want to do! I know it’s a cliché but most great things do begin at the end of your comfort zone. Make the mundane things fun, tip toe into the growth zone if you find it hard to jump totally out of your comfort zone. And remember that fears stay and build if you don’t push through them. To achieve different things, you need to well, do different things! The more you do them, the less they are scary. Keep breaking them down and you’ll be unstoppable.

?Women need to find their burning desire. When you really, really want something it’s so much easier to motivate yourself. When there only one optio, it’s all out or nothing and you’re truly committed to it, it’s going to happen somehow right?!


4) A better mindset so women’s thoughts work for them not against them, prop them up, not pull them apart

?The difference between an encouraging inner dialogue and a nit picking one is night and day it’s the difference between do and don’t, joy and stress. Read more about this in my blog, ‘Do you have a Gremlin on your shoulder?’

?Women have to know how to think differently, and appreciate the never-ending benefits, that happen when they think better and master their minds! It’s also about knowing how to look at things objectively, rather than emotionally.

?When you can reframe your thoughts, the challenges you have and the situation you’re in, it’s a much more empowering energy. It’s easier to see solutions over problems.  So make yourself see things from a different perspective if you have to!  Force yourself to see the positives instead of the negatives. And view roadblocks as obstacles that you can AND will get over – if you get your mind on your side!

?The repetition of positive, helpful and inspiring information empowers women to think so much better about themselves and their health, business and life.  So many women completely underestimate the power (often subconscious too!) of the repetition of the good stuff. Most women repeatedly tell themselves unhelpful things (again often without them realising) and so the default behaviour and minsdset continues AND builds!

?Having more fun is also key to a better mindset! Being open to humor in all situations, even the difficult ones, and giving themselves permission to laugh – AND lighten up. You can create change and be successful without being too serious. In fact being too serious is a huge roadblock to thriving for sure!


5) Support and camaraderie so they don’t struggle alone and have a group of people who truly have their back

I think this is the most important one, when women support each other incredible things happen. When women help women rise, they all shine.

?It doesn’t have to be from close friends and family. In fact arguably an emotionally neutral team around you, who aren’t impacted by your choices, changes, desires and dreams are MORE powerful!

?A woman alone has some power of course; but a group of women really has impact.

? When women work alongside each other, especially women with a shared goal, they lift each other up and encourage each other to fly.

?Shared skill sets, experience, knowledge, connections and different life experience can all be learned from.  And it helps women see life and indeed themselves differnetly. In fact many of my clients are in their fifties and sixties and it’s amazing to see that their wisdom inspire others. Read about them in my ‘It’s NEVER too late‘ blog!


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Women are terrible at investing in themselves.

If you struggle or feel guilty, check out my recent BLOG When women invest in themselves they got further, and think of the sliding doors analogy.

2 different paths, 1 decision.

I hope this has inspired you and give you lots of things to think about that – health, business and life – should be and CAN be effortless and enjoyable. But often a different approach is needed to make that happen!

Any questions let me know 🙂

Janey x

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