5 tips to high vibe through difficulties!

 I love to inspire women to be more high vibe in life! But what do you do when there are low vibe difficulties and challenges around?

Try these quick switch ups!

Don’t make problems bigger than they are! One thing I keep pushing back on with myself (and something I cover a lot of in my program 30 days to a high vibe life) is what story are you telling yourself? A lot of problems and issues and difficulties we (supposedly) have, stem from how we think about them and what we tell ourselves. An example was when I was getting the 30 days to a high vibe program ready to go. Oh my goodness, we have had SO many technical issues behind the scenes and I had lots of kid-related roadblocks too! But I made the decision not to make them big problems, just some things I needed to get through WITHOUT low vibe stress! I adjusted the timeline, I got up early every day over the last 10 days of the project to claw back some time and I called in some expert help – and we did it! There was no need for stress, I did it all with a smile on my face! 🤩

The happily doing mindset – always!  I use this ALL the time in my life which turns any difficulty into a bit more of a fun game. Following on from the above, I know that I can choose to be low vibe and stressed about certain things. Or I can roll my sleeves up and get stuck in with a smile on my face. I have the power to make difficult things less difficult AND more enjoyable – it is always a choice!

Less talk and thinking, more action! We waste a lot of time and energy, over-thinking and over-talking about difficult / stressful things. Whatever you need to do to change things or get through them, do it. Whatever is out of your control, let go of it!  But not bringing difficulties and problems to our attention and instead bringing solutions and getting on with actions  to help us –  will change SO much.

Set the intention for how you want to deal with challenges you face! This means YOU take command of how you are going to tackle things rather than falling into a default way of thinking / being. I am working with a wonderful women at the moment who is going through cancer and chemo. And I asked her to think of the intention she wanted to got through her treatment. And she said WITH LOVE💝

Compartmentalise!  This is the ability to switch off from any stresses and challenges so they don’t get mixed up and ruin the good stuff in your life. Allocate time to deal with any challenges you face and when in that time block put 100% of your focus to it. And then, move on to something lovely and put 100% of your attention to that. The blinkers mindset is crucial with stuff like this – where you block out what’s outside of what you want to focus on in any given moment.

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My advice? Listen to one every day! 

You’ll end 28 days in a completely different way!

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