5 ways to have a fun and stress free summer with your kids!

Summer holidays with the kids don’t need to be stressful, here are 5 ways (and 5 things I do!) that mean you CAN have a stress-free and fun summer!
On this video I share:

1) It’s important to start with YOU not the kids!

2) How to get the kids involved planning the summer holidays so that everyone has a say and is heard and can get excited
3) How to manage technology and balance out fun with contribution to the home and family
4) Remembering that we are human beings not human doings and that kids AND parents need less pressure and to do LESS
5)  Why money-free activities benefit all!


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Enjoy and I hope you find these tips helpful…



Click here to read a helpful article that I refer to in the video all about having a money-free weekend. I have money free weekends all the time with my kids and most of our summer plans involve money-free activities that we all enjoy SO much!

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