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I’m Janey Holliday, AKA The Women’s Mindset Coach. With 22 years experience helping women take back command of their mind, time and life.

I know most women are really busy right now. Many are spreading themselves thinly, juggling so much, perhaps neglecting themselves as a result. And could probably do with a little more TLC – or some inspiration to get fired up about something important to them!

And I just felt like it was time to help women create a mind, self, health or life lift!

So… If you’re

  • Fed up of always saying you don’t have enough time for you or the things you love
  • Often (or always!) fall to the bottom of your to do list
  • Shattered and in need of some rejuvenation
  • Craving something better for yourself and your life
  • Want to make something really amazing happen
  • Not feeling your tippy-toppy self
  • Up for a positive ME focus that will massively enhance your life

You will LOVE the #50hourmeproject

I want to inspire you that is IS possible to create more time for you. And that it’s easier than you think too!

Of course, every woman will want or need slightly different things.  And that’s the beauty of the #50hourmeproject

YOU choose what you need, what you do, when you do it – AND how you space the time out.

There is zero pressure.

And it’s FREE to be part of.

NEW! End of 2023 6 week “Focus before the festive fun ME mission!” kicking off on Monday 6th November

Where me and my clients are choosing to lock into a positive end of year ME focus!

Check out the details here on my Focus before the festive fun ME mission blog!

How the 50 hour ME Project works

First, you need to think about what you really need from these 50 hours!


  • You choose the time frame of how you space the hours out (50 hours over 1 month, 3 months, 6 months etc.)
  • You choose how you break the 50 hours down (From 5 minute slots, to an hour, to a whole day or weekend for example)
  • You choose what you do (Fill these hours with ANYTHING you need!)

You could consider some of the following categories:

  • FUN & JOY

You can mix and match between these. And you may have your own life area not on this list, which is fine!

So what do you need for your #50hourmeproject?

Every woman’s ME project will look different. But some good questions to get you thinking, include:

  • What do you really need right now?
  • What goals and dreams have you put to one side?
  • What would you love to do more of?
  • What imbalances are you tolerating?
  • What would make the biggest positive impact in your life right now?
  • What do you need to create more space for in your busy life?
  • What changes do you know you need to make but are procrastinating on?
  • What would you love to leave in the past?
  • What do you need more of or less of in your life?
  • What area/s of your life need your attention right now?
  • What does your mind need?
  • What does your body need?
  • What’s holding you back?
  • If you could wave a magic wand and make something happen, or change or improve something; what would that be?
  • If you created 50 hours for you, how would you spend it?

The#50hourmeproject ideas page!

To help you get the most out of your #50hourmeproject, I’ve created a wonderful IDEAS page which is hosted in my easy-to-use membership log in area!

That comes with:

  • Hundreds of ideas to get you started
  • Some useful, simple coaching exercises to help you out
  • An uplifting introductory audio with key things to think about to help you get the most out of this
  • Top tips to help you make your project absolutely amazing
  • What I’m doing for my #50hourmeproject  
  • A #50hourmeproject  checklist to download, print and complete
  • PLUS, exclusive discounts for my programs and bite size bundles; should you decide you’d like some further help from me with anything!
  • I will also add resources to this page as we all make our way through the #50hourmeproject

Plus, if you want to be surrounded by fellow #50hourmeproject  women – AND ME! You can join the#50hourmeproject Facebook group from this ideas page too – which is designed to be super uplifting and full of camaraderie. You can share updates, ask questions, post your progress and celebrate your ME Project wins!

If you are already a Women’s Mindset Club or Women’s Mindset Business Club member, you don’t need to sign up, you have direct access already!


(NB If you have previously bought a product or service from me, you are likely to have set up an account before. If you’ve lost your password, just do a password reset, choose a new password and then you’ll be able to sign up. If you’re completely new, you’ll need to set up a new account, which takes just a few seconds. If you have bought from me before and it was a while ago, you might also need to set up a new account as our new system may not recognize your email)

So the question is, what will you do with 50 hours for you?

I can’t wait to see what you do for your #50hourmeproject

And if you want to share on social media, remember to tag me on instagram @thewomensmindsetcoach or Facebook @thewomensmindsetcoach – and use the hashtag #50hourmeproject.

If you know any women that could benefit doing this, please share this blog link with them! When women work together and do things that benefit them, there is such a positive ripple effect!

Don’t forget our End of year 6 week Focus before the fun mission we’re doing!

It’s time for YOU!

And it’s going to feel GOOD!

Let’s do it!

Janey x











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