7 foundations of a high vibe life!

I want to inspire you to move away from the things that drag you down (or change how you think about these things!). AND do waaaay more things that lift your mood, mindset and mojo so you have a fantastic energy about yourself, your present and your future!

I also want to bring in some practical things too – because it’s not just about mindset. High vibes can also come from things like planning and preparing, owning your stuff, being in charge of your boundaries and choices, so you feel like YOU are the boss of your own life 😀

So here are my 7 foundations of a high vibe life! These seven foundations are honestly the simplest ways, you will lift your mood, mojo, mindset and even motivation!

7 Foundations of a Higher Vibe Life!

1.Stop making stories up in your head – Do you know how many stories we make up in our heads each day? When you really break this down, we do it an awful lot! One of the key things to ask yourself is “IS THIS FACT OR FICTION?”. Stories can be about ourselves, other people, where we are in our life, how we see things, what we make of things, how we interpret events, conversations, the future. Whether we see things as fearful or stressful. Your brain can’t tell the difference between real and imagination so it believes the stories you tell it and acts upon it. My advice? Stop the negative stories and start making up more positive and better stories! That’s all you need to do to start lifting yourself and change how you see yourself and the world around you!

2.Let go of stressing about the small stuff – I honestly think that the small stuff is what gets to people most. Whilst the bigger challenges in life can be difficult, it’s actually the perpetual small stuff that grates us the most and takes us down. Why? Because it happens day in day out, we’re often not completely aware of it. Then we normalise these little stress responses, so it becomes auto pilot.  In a fast pace world, thoughts can be quick, we can react quickly and it’s what I call on my BEST program, the difference between reacting negatively and quickly V responding calmly and all empowering. As per point one, we also make up lots of stories in our heads in the moment. And our thoughts can spiral super fast, which drives even more stress. Always ask “What reaction am I having here and what response could I have instead?”. Or when you feel a bit stressed ask “Is stress making this situation better here?”.  And one of my personal faves “Do I want to feel stressed right now / about this situation?” and if the answer is no, then I work out the ways to let it all go!

3.Ignore horrible thoughts – When you feel low and that you’ve lost your high vibe, you will be thinking about certain things, telling yourself certain things (those stories!) and focusing on unhelpful stuff. List it. Sit down with a pen and paper and list it. On one occasion, I remember having a real drop in my vibe and was a bit teary. I was out for lunch with my daughter and some horrible thoughts about myself and my life were creeping in and I felt emotional. I listed all the thoughts (I always have my journal in my bag!) – and there was about 25 really horrible (and totally fictional things!). And at the end of the list I wrote this; 1) These are JUST thoughts! 2) You do not have to listen to these AT all! And 3) You can simply IGNORE these ridiculous thoughts and crack on! And I did this with a sense of humour, laughing at these stupid thoughts! And about 15 minutes later my vibe had completely turned around and I was on a high.

4.Lean into any challenges you face – When facing difficulties, do NOT brush them under the carpet and don’t shy away from them. You can 100% high vibe your way through difficult things. I love that saying “A strong woman looks a challenge straight in the eyes and gives it a good wink”! Right now, I know many people are starting to worry about what lies ahead for our country, the economy, the world around us and there are some less than ideal things going on (although watch the interpretation and stories you might be attaching to these!). But worrying about any challenge you have (or think you might have), just won’t help you. Get your facts, get on it, get organised, get behind yourself, get yourself in a good place and work out what you need to know and what you can do to. I was coaching someone last week who is terrified about her business falling apart through winter, worrying how she will cope with all the rising costs. She wasn’t doing any proper money management and she was making SO many stories up! But when we put everything together on a spreadsheet, we looked at worse case scenario, the minimum she needed to earn and breaking that down into what she needed to sell, she felt so much better. LEAN IN and GET ON IT… Do not pretend it’s going to go away. Worrying is a misuse of your imagination and also keeps you out of action, please remember that! If you’re worried about something what do you need to know and do to help yourself out? You might need to change plans, do things differently, push yourself, make some compromises. But sitting in fear and worry and being in a low vibe place will NOT help you at all!

5.Do more good things for others – Part of a new money management system I’ve been doing over the last few months is dividing my income into pockets of money. The main chunk is my living expenses but then I put 5% into a “big things” account, 5% into a “fun” account, 5% into an “others” account and 5% into something of “your choice” (this is my Christmas one!). You can do this with 10% blocks too. The “others” money is where you can either donate to a really important charity, give to people who you know need it or just give out randomly. OMG I love doing this and it has massively lifted my vibe. I love paying for an old person’s shopping at the checkout, buying someone a coffee behind me, giving a £5 to someone in the street, donating to a charity for a cause close to my heart. Planning and plotting what I’m going to do each month with this is such a positive focus! I have found giving so impactful that I donate £10 to Women’s Aid via Work For Good  as part of my Give and Gift it On concept when you sign up to any of these 3 programs – 30 Days to a High Vibe Life!, I’ve Got The Power! and RISE!

6.Do more things that lift you – I know I go on about this all the time but we have the right as human beings to put into our lives what we choose and most people don’t choose enough of the good stuff and fun stuff! Play the music that you love, watch your favourite movies, hang out with more sunshine people, do what you used to love doing as a child, plan days out, start a new hobby, life doesn’t have to be a total grind. A great question to ask yourself is “Have I got enough good stuff planned for my week / month / year ahead?”. And remember the stuff that lifts you doesn’t have to be big, it can be super simple too!

7.Keep setting and resetting your high vibe intentions – One thing I need to make crystal clear is this… Creating a high vibe life is NOT about high vibing and feeling amazing all the time! It would be unrealistic to be 100% high vibe! I have some really big low vibe dips; sometimes the intensity of being a single Mum and having my kids 100% of the time gets too much, the financial pressure I’m under as a result can grate me, the compromises I make week in week out can make me feel frustrated, juggling everything in my life can sometimes be overwhelming. And that’s OK. But… the KEY thing is this… You have to keep continually resetting yourself back to a higher vibe place. You have to keep reframing and tell different stories. You have to remind yourself that difficult moments are temporary. Always have some high vibe lifters to hand so when you dip, you van get yourself back to a better place!

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