7 ways to get beach ready in 7 days

I’m often asked by clients that if they had just 7 days to get body ready for a special occasion or event, what would I recommend.  Sometimes it’s a wedding, wanting to wear a fitted dress on a hot date, a last minute holiday  booked or weekend away after a crazy busy work schedule. I believe people really under-estimate how much a body can change in just a week, but it is possible. Not only that, the things I recommend don’t always help your body look better, they make you feel great too!

I’m lucky enough to be heading to Barcelona next week for a kid free couple of days in the sun. Now I’m fairly fit  (much fitter and leaner since doing the Tummy ATTACK bootcamp), but my goals this summer were to be bikini ready by the end of July when I go away with my twins, not an impromptu last minute weekend escape a few weeks sooner.  Now don’t get my wrong, I have good body image and I look pretty good in a bikini, but as I realized I had 7 more sleeps until my little trip, I decided to take it up a notch! Here’s how….

Train every day and double up. If you want fast results you need to push the boat out.  I’d recommend at least an hour’s fast power walking or 30-40 minutes running and swimming everyday, PLUS 30 minutes of either HIIT, conditioning and core work. I don’t need to rest this week, I can do that when I’m there. When you’re on a mission with a short time frame, you need to get out your comfort zone and prioritise this over all else. Training at this level may not be sustainable long term, especially with work and children, but for 7 days you can!


Cut out the booze. I love wine, but when I want to speed up results, this has to come right down or out. So I’ll be having the odd small glass of wine here or there, but I’ll be mainly wine-free. Not only will this help me body streamline, my skin will look even better too. Double whammy! Also cut out any processed foods like sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine.

Eat light and bright. What I mean by this is lots of colourful vegetables and keeping  the brown/white, carby stodge out. Now I eat fairly low carbs anyway, but when I have 7 days to get fast results, meals I’ll typically have are poached eggs on spinach, mackerel/tuna/salmon with a mixed salad. Eat lots of light soups and have a vegetable juice or vegetable smoothie as an evening meal.


Bathe for 30 minutes a day. And this needs to be in Epsom salts. Epsom salts withdraw toxins, thus reducing water retention, and replace magnesium levels. The cheapest I’ve found are from www.epsomsalts.co.uk, they do next day free delivery too!

Drink my Tummy ATTACK cleanse and detox water. All. Day. Long. The TA water as we call it on the Tummy ATTACK, is amazing. Not only does it taste great but it also helps to flush out toxins as well as keeping your hydrated. I recommend making it fresh with still water, sliced fennel, lemon juice, ginger, cucumber and mint. Although you can also use basil and lime too.  You can diffuse in a bottle over night or just make it fresh. The latter you’ll need to drink with a straw!


Put all your focus on the end result. This means when someone brings in donuts to the office, or your friend says ‘go on have another glass of wine’, you use the power of your mind to make those end results big, bright, loud, right in the forefront of your mind. Make the things you’re being tempted with (the afore mentioned donuts and wine) small, black and white, mentally push the picture of them away from you. You have to be strong and you need discipline above all else. 7 days of real focus is easier than 6 months because the end is in sight. You can’t complain about the results you didn’t get from the work you didn’t do (or the cakes you decided to eat!). Keep your eyes on the prize!

Be on a mission. Wake up and think about your bikini, go training and think about you sitting on that beach, get excited about your healthier food, be creative with it even. Attack your workout like never before, do that extra lap, get your knees of the floor when you’re doing a press up. Think outside the box every time, look for fitness opportunities everywhere, double up on classes, do an extra 100 sit ups every evening, do 10 triceps dips when you walk past a bench on your way to work, climb the stairs at work, climb the stairs for fun, find a new 5 minute on you tube to do each day. Walk the 6 miles home (it won’t take you anywhere near as long as you think!), play fast music so you walk at a quicker place to and from the tube, all those sorts of things. It doesn’t matter what you do so long as you DO IT.


My 7 day pre-Barcelona plan looks something like this:

  • Thursday: 75 minute fast power walk (it’s so nice where I live at the moment, check out the poppies in the wheat fields above!) and 30 mins core work and upper body conditioning – No wine
  • Friday: 30 minute fast power walk, 30 minutes HIIT sprints and 30 minutes lower body and core conditioning – No wine
  • Saturday: Going to do a hard class at the gym late morning and do 30 minutes core work before teaching bootcamp – No wine
  • Sunday: Teaching bootcamp in the morning (will train with them for some sets) and then do arms / core in the evening – 1 glass of wine at lunch
  • Monday – 75 mins fast power walking, A Tummy ATTACK cardio workout with lower body – no wine
  • Tuesday – 30 mins fast power walking, followed by 30 mins HIIT sprints and 30 mins upper body weights with core work.   – 1 glass of wine
  • Wednesday –  75 mins power walk, TA cardio/core video
  • Thursday – this is when I relax! No training, no worries about what to eat/drink, no responsibilities of children and a well  deserved break AND best bikini body.

Screenshot 2015-03-19 14.03.04

Over to you!

Let me know how you get on :o)

Janey x

P.S – Our online bootcamps run all year round and up and coming dates include, Monday 6th June, Monday 4th July and Monday 12th September. For more info and to book your place visit HERE.

Hope this blog finds you happy and healthy!


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