90 Day Challenge!

Happy New Year!

Hope you’re as excited as I am about the New Year fresh start feeling and are ready to take your dreams and goals seriously in 2018? It’s time to MAKE THINGS HAPPEN ladies!

But what I want you to do this year is get away from a the quick fix, short term mentality and really get stuck in to a longer term mindset that will really create the long lasting change that you’re all after.

I read a great article over Christmas called 21/90 and it’s all about how in 21 days you can create a habit, but in 90 you create a lifestyle. So I thought I’d create a 90 challenge!

I know from helping women with their health and fitness since 2001 that change really occurs and STAYS, when they lock in for a longer.

Easter is 90 days away, so what I want you to do is really think about what you can do between now and the end of March, not just in the next few days or weeks!

Read on to find out more and I look forward to seeing your progress and results over the coming months – whether health, fitness, lifestyle or mindset.


Here’s to an amazing year!

Janey x


What could you do for 90 days that would have such a significant impact on your life, you would burst from pride and happiness from the results you’d get?

Maybe it’s to give up processed sugar?

Perhaps commit to four bootcamps a week on the common?

Maybe to power walk 40kms a week every week for 12 weeks?

What about drinking 2l of water every day?

Maybe doing three of my online bootcamps back to back?

Having a veg juice every morning?

Spending 15 minutes a day sorting out your home?

Saying five things you’re grateful for each morning?

No social media after 8pm?

Going to bed an hour earlier?

Planning your food more?

Maybe invest in yourself with something like BEST (with 3 x 90 days of online mindset coaching – a real lifestyle changer!)

Or giving up booze like me? (Yep that’s right on day 3/90, feeling really excited about it!)


When you lock into 90 days, I believe it’s a different energy. It really helps you step into the identity of someone that actually does what you want to have. It’s more than a habit, as the 21/90 concept shares, it’s about creating a lifestyle.

And it also allows for less extreme and more consistency. By locking into a longer time frame you can pace yourself, take your time and not be so gung ho.

So over to you! You choose what, you choose when, you choose when you start.

Let me know how you get on! Tag me on Instagram @janeyholliday and use #90daychallenge and #janeyholliday or tag me on Facebook @makingthingseasy


Janey x

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