Janey is a mindset, life management and small business coach who has been working in the well being and coaching industry for over twenty years.

She will help you think differently to live better and help you find the ways to change or improve anything you want, in any area of your life.

She is currently the resident mindset expert on the Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster breakfast show on GBNews.

She has been running a variety of online programs for over 12 years and has over 2500 hours of 121 coaching experience

Inspirational, knowledgeable, practical, relatable and empowering, Janey is described as “The woman who changes women’s lives”, “The Mary Poppins of the industry” and someone who’s “enthusiasm is contagious”.

Janey is a motivational speaker and has written many articles and featured regularly since 2003 in the UK and International press



JANEY’s background

A degree in International relations and with her first job working in Westminster for the government, she actually wanted to be a front line war correspondent. But a chance encounter with a fun fitness class in the year 2000, Janey (just a few months later), decided to quit her job, sell her flat and become and aerobics instructor – even though her whole life she had hated exercise!

Within a few months she was teaching 28 classes a week throughout London. And then went on and founded London’s most successful women’s outdoor bootcamp brand Fit for a Princess which ran until 2019.

She set up a food management consultancy in 2007 and started small business coaching in 2009. Then in 2011, she retrained as an online coach and migrated all her offerings online.  Her first online coaching program Food Management Made Easy, sold out in 48 hours and since then she’s created over 25 programs.



most popular programs

The most popular program to date is BEST – which is a 12 month mind-and-life-changing mindset program for women. This has run continually since 2013 and you can start BEST at anytime.

BEST has been described as “Teaching women to fly” and is the “Essential life management program for any busy, modern woman” and “The best investment any woman could make in herself”.

In 2020, Janey set up BEST:Business the business version of BEST. Which helps women create successful AND enjoyable lives by thinking their best in their business, being the best in their business and creating their best business.

RISE Was ran as a live online coaching day throughout Winter 21/22 and helps people go from rut to RISE.

BEST, BEST:Business and RISE are all available on a CALLS-ONLY option, meaning if you can’t or don’t want to join them as a group online coaching program, you can simply have access to just the main program calls!

I’ve got the POWER! was created in 2021 and is described as described as “Green juice for the brain”! And is ultimate motivation program for women. It’s helped hundreds of women to change the way they see goals, actions and mindset so they can work out what they want, actually make what they want happen and enjoy the process too. With everything on this program transferrable to help them in ANY area of their life!

And there are lots of smaller programs available (Summer Holiday Sanity Club, 10 minutes a day bootcamp, Tummy ATTACK, Best Body and self-care bootcamps) and don’t forget to check out the freebies section too – which has some new things being added very soon!


testimonials and press

You can check out hundreds of testimonials about her style, program content and the results her clients have achieved on the jam-packed TESTIMONIALS PAGE!

Janey has featured regularly in UK national press and media, including the Daily Mail, The Stylist, The Metro and all the top women’s health magazines. She has done over 30 live TV slots on GBNews since summer 2021. And was featured as an expert in the BBC3’s Bullsh*t detective series and on ITV 1’s Kyle’s Academy show. She has also delivered a variety of motivational talks at high profile events and in corporates



Janey is a single Mum of three (nearly 14 year old twin boys and a 6 year old girl)  and lives in Sidmouth Devon. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her out at sea on her paddleboard!

If you have any questions, please email the office – contact details HERE!



  • Take command of your thoughts, time, tech, mind, business, boundaries and choices – If you don’t, no one will!
  • Work out what you want and actually make that happen – Because what you want is out there and is up for the taking!
  • Feel good about yourself and your life, even if you aren’t where you want to be – You can absolutely make peace with where you are, whilst working towards the higher version of you and your life!
  • Realise your full potential and have the courage to follow your dreams – Your dreams matter, we only have one life!
  • Create an authentic life, where you truly thrive – Don’t waste your life, you don’t have to live lacklustre or difficult one!
  • Give yourself permission to live guilt free – Your life, your rules, remember you are the boss of your own life!
  • Lead a more easy and enjoyable life – The glorification of being busy and normalisation of juggling too many plates needs to be switched up!
  • Compare less, be more confident and become comfortable in your own skin – Because what others think is none of your business, there will only ever be one of you and having peace of mind is a hidden life gem.
  • Create better self-esteem, self-worth and self-care – They all begin with the word ‘self, remember YOU are important. And your nit picking inner voice comes from other people and old stuff, you can obliterate it!
  • Create your optimum health so you can live well and long – Remember to keep checking in with where your choices are going to take you and that health is not just about eat less, move more!
  • Have fun with your work and remember you can grow an enjoyable and successful career or business– No one said work and success had to be stressful and an uphill battle!
  • Get out of your own way and push through your self-limiting beliefs and behaviours – Most of the things that take us away from our optimum health, work and life stem from our programming – and we can simply un-learn!
  • Become the person, partner (and if applicable) parent you want to be – Take back control of the identity you want for yourself if you’ve fallen into the trap of being someone you ‘re not happy with.
  • Create time for the things that make your heart sing – So you are happier, more relaxed and have a vibe that works for you in YOUR life!
  • Have courage to walk away from things and people that aren’t working – Remember you can always change who you spend time with and can ALWAYS change the end of your story!
  • Cope better with the trials and tribulations of life – By giving you a practical and emotional toolkit that are transferrable to all areas of your life!
  • See that ANYTHING is possible with the right approach, mindset and support – Just because you haven’t found out how to do something – YET… doesn’t mean it’s not possible!
  • Stop the self-sabotage – The fear of success, fear of failure, the unhelpful beliefs that show up as patterns and keep you stuck can ALL be overridden!
  • Feel less overwhelmed and more supported in life – Own where you are, commit to your bright future and work out the ways to get there – that might mean asking for help and also having the courage to take out the things that are not working for you!


social media

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Any questions, please contact the office


‘Janey, you are brilliant. Thank you a million times over for pushing me out of the world I’d been trying to get out of for 10 years!’

Sarah Buchanan, Scotland