Why accountability is the key to success!

If you are extremely self-motivated on a permanent basis, have no self-limiting core beliefs that can sabotage your actions, or aren’t someone with a busy life of work and/or family commitments that can pull you away from being focused,  this blog probably isn’t for you.  But if you experience any of the above, then you might find it hard to get the results you want and most likely impossible to keep them – so read on!

And that is why accountability is an absolute must-have and why most successful people have it in some form or another in their lives. Because it helps people follow through and stay true to their goals and ambitions – whatever they may be.

Accountability can be found through a variety of ways; from having a mentor or coach, to preparing a monthly or quarterly report at work, to being part of a business networking group, club association, or as many of my clients experience, being part of an online group.

Needing accountability doesn’t mean you are weak, it actually means you are serious about your goals.

The definition of accountability is this:

:  the quality or state of being accountable; especially :  an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions public officials lacking accountability

So when you’re working towards something by yourself or have no accountability, you can change (or break) the rules can’t you?! You can hide, you can pretend, you can lie to yourself, you can use delay tactics, you can deny things, you can be irresponsible by not having the need to be responsible and a whole lot more!

Think of being an employer or someone on a Board of Directors for example. You can’t just do whatever you want to do when you want to do it, you are accountable to someone – and your actions have a consequence – good or bad! You won’t keep your job or get your bonus if you don’t do what is necessary right? Yet so many people go about their health and life goals without any accountability whatsoever yet want and expect the rewards without the consistent action.

Accountability makes you get up, show up and get things done. But I believe we can make accountability fun and positive and empowering, especially with the type of work I do – which is helping women become the best versions of themselves through my food, fitness & lifestyle programs.

One of the things I’ve noticed with my online bootcamps, is how many women are achieving better and bigger goals AND keeping them from being part of an online group. We have a secret Facebook group (you can’t even find us even if you looked!) and I’ve never seen such camaraderie, support, encouragement, team work, motivation and DOING from a group of women this year! The group accountability is also helping these women be consistent with their actions, which is another huge component to success.

So today I wanted to share a few posts from my online clients in this little blog so you can see just how my amazing clients are using the power of accountability whether it’s to help them get to their workouts, eat better, switch off from technology, go to bed earlier, the list is endless!

So over to them..

Well actually me first, because as their coach I help them lock in, whether it be a ‘NO LUKE WARM’ week (see below) or a ‘LETS GO NUTS’ challenge. We’ve also had a ‘5 DAY CHALLENGE’ and a ‘2 WEEK CHALLENGE’ where they could all choose to do something they knew would really help them (everyone doing something different) around their program content AND THEN BEING ACCOUNTABLE!

This was my post to the group on Sunday night:

“Ladies, next week is a NO LUKE WARM week, got it?! You can still have balance and self-care involved (this is ESSENTIAL) but I want a full speed embrace of enthusiasm from you all! So do what you need to do today to be able get the most out of next week – whether it’s mindset, food prep, organisation, email if someone to say no etc. Are we all in?!”

And these are some of the things that have been said this last week alone!

“Did. Not. Want. To. Do. It.  But I committed here, so I just got in from the nursery run and got the mat out and pressed play. TA arms and core followed by Katie’s finisher!”

“Kick boxing done! Even though I was tired and cranky after stupid work day. Glad I did it now and feel happier as a result. I’ve started a thing at work, two other people have given up sugar and now we’re a little team. We go cycling at lunchtime on Boris bikes. Its awesome, I’ve made new friends which is just great”

“Didn’t want to ! Didn’t have time ! No excuse today ! Just finished hiit!”

“6:05am. Done”

“I am inspired by everyone’s successes and want to see the same so I’m joining the #letsgonuts brigade! I’ve caught up a bit with my exercise today by doing a run this morning, Sarah’s HITT at lunchtime (those moves were brutal/awkward!) and have just done yoga in my pjs! Restarting my food photos tomorrow and will be listening to ALL the audios next week- you’ve heard it here!”

“Janey’s audio really resonates today, if u want to change then u have to change something! So simple but true!”

“Doing well with my “mission” Did Lauren’s workouts yesterday and made good food choices I feel. I definitely feel like there has been a mental change with me since committing to this two week challenge in terms of food choices as determined to feel a change in body shape!”

“Been inspired this week by all your amazing posts so workout completed – even through the barriers of battery dying and daughter losing her phone half way through and having a strop !!”

“My babysitter blew me out with no notice to make other plans. Had a five min sulk and decided not to let it ruin my day as it’s out of my control (the benefit from doing the BEST program!). Made myself a lovely meal with my child and poured a very small but very nice glass of wine. Then escaped the house. Today as I was doing my double workout, I realised how much I have changed since starting these online programs. Physically, I am so much stronger, fitter and leaner. Personally, I am more forgiving of my self, more self aware of what works for me and what doesn’t. Mentally, I’ve continued on my journey to live in the moment and this SELF-CARE bootcamp has seen me really focus on what makes/keeps me sane. Clearing the house before bed so I don’t start on the back foot, working out first thing, dialling down the tech, creating better habits. I thought I was mainly focusing on exercise, food and wine but turns out a whole bunch of other stuff crept in. I know it’s not the end of this bootcamp but I was feeling reflective and wanted to share”

 “Feeling inspired by everyone’s progress – So in my eighth week of SC I finally felt ready to take on a Finisher video! TA Cardio Core followed by Janey’s KB finisher. Comment from 2yo: ‘Mummy’s all wet!’. Yep she is!”

By seeing what other people are doing, you become inspired to do the things you don’t want to do. By saying you’re going to do something to the rest of your online team, you end up doing it! By reading that someone else has listened to an audio and got something from you’re more likely to press play. When you see people’s before and after pictures it can help you keep at it when the going gets tough, by realizing that other people have the barriers or weaknesses as you, it helps you see yourself in a different way.

It also helps women keep on track on their holiday… Why not train before a nice leisurely lunch?! Your accountability group also loves seeing nice back drops like these too 🙂


And helps people get amazing results likes this…

We’re living in a world where people get pulled from pillar to post and accountability really helps you stay focused. Humans are pack animals too, we thrive in being part of a group and that not only helps us get stuck in, but most importantly helps us ENJOY the challenges we face (and overcome) too!

The Best Body, Tummy ATTACKSELF-CARE and Sugar HIIT bootcamps all start on Monday 12th November – why not lock in with me for a month before Christmas? You get all of the content for life, and a month’s membership to my secret support group to make you feel accountable and achieve success!

For anyone that would prefer some 1:1 accountability, pop an email into the office as I have some personal coaching slots available at the moment (there’s a LOT of accountability in these I can tell you, ha ha!)

Remember what I said, accountability is not being weak – it’s about being serious about you, your life and your goals!

Janey x

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