Anyone can achieve anything when you put your mind to it AND take your time!

Like many of you, I’ve been totally inspired by the Rio Olympics – for many, many reasons! But not just for the athlete’s strength or gold medals achieved, but because of the stories and journeys behind the successes.

The main thing I wanted to get across today, is to help you realise that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you put your mind to something. And that YOUR PRESENT SITUATION IS NOT YOUR DESTINATION. Also to TAKE YOUR TIME TO ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS – we are in such a quick fix culture that sometimes, to give ourself a whole year or even four years to achieve something, seems alien to us. If we can’t do it now, in this year, then I’ve failed are common things I hear my clients say.

So for a moment, let’s just use the Olympic timeline as a way of getting results at a slower pace. Don’t rush. Decide what you want. Work out what you need to do, but give yourself TIME to get there…  Instead of feeling like you’ve failed if you don’t achieve it in a couple of months!

Michael Phelps

The picture above really blew me away. A young boy on the left with his hero, just dreaming of being as good as him someday… the same boy (now a young man) on the right eight years later, having beaten his hero in a Rio race!

My twins are eight in September and I know just how quickly eight years has flown by, eight years is nothing in a lifetime. Who is your hero? What do you want to achieve? What were you doing eight years ago? What could you do in eight years?! If you aren’t where you want to be body / fitness / job / life wise now, how does it make you feel if you knew you would achieve it by eight years’ time? Compared to the pressure of trying to do it all in an instant?! I can imagine that for many, you instantly feel more relaxed about it… a MUCH BETTER VIBE for generating success!

And the picture below also gives me goosebumps…

Laura Trott and BW

Laura Trott, now the most success female Olympian of all time with her hero Bradley Wiggins 12 years ago. She was born prematurely with a serious lung problem. You see people get stuck with where they’re at and give most of their attention to their weaknesses or barriers. Instead of focusing on their strengths, deciding what they want and going and getting it, NO MATTER WHAT. Always see barriers as hurdles and GET OVER THEM!

The emotion the athletes have when they achieve their goals is often because of the severe highs and lows along the way. And that to think they nearly gave up in many cases I’m sure! No athlete has a perfect life or build up to winning their medal – FAR FROM IT! It’s super hard work, dedication, perserverence, consistency, practice and patience. You accept the highs and lows, you acknowledge the difficulties and accept the feelings you have of sometimes wanting to give up. I’m sure they’ve all fallen down and thought ‘I JUST CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE!’. But it’s not the falling down, but the staying down that means you’ve failed. So many of my clients have a bad day or bad week and think that’s it, they can’t do it and give up. Start thinking like an Olympic athlete and keep your eyes on the prize YOU WANT!

In my personal and professional journey there have been many times I felt like giving up, that I couldn’t do it, that the easy option would be better. But like these Olympic athletes I’m committed to the big picture. I’ve adjusted my timeline to allow myself more time to achieve my goals, especially as a single Mum of three now.

So, TAKE YOUR TIME team, but be consistent and committed. And most importantly BE ON YOUR OWN SIDE. Be kind to yourself, get support and work with a coach like me if you know you need it!

A little visualisation exercise for you all to finish… Imagine standing on a podium in four or eight years’ time to get a gold medal (not in a sport necessarily but being awarded for accomplishing something you really want!). Think about your journey backwards from that point – all the things you would have needed to do from today, in order to have been awarded that gold medal. What would they be? Write them down and that’s the start of a really good plan!

We get one life. What are you going to do with yours?


Janey x

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