Yes you CAN!

One of the greatest things about my job as a mindset, life management and business coach is seeing people turn can’t into CAN. I’ve seen some INCREDIBLE things happen over the last 20 years.  So if you’re someone that seems to be stuck with the “I can’t” mindset, read on.

Here are 5 quick tips to get you get started,  so you can join the CAN brigade… Because that’s where the magic is at!

🦩Can’t is just something you tell yourself! And if you say you can’t, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. I can’t find the time, I can’t because I’m afraid, I can’t because it’s difficult, I can’t because I don’t want to, I can’t change, I can’t get fit, I can’t set up a business, I can’t beat this bad habit, I can’t find a great relationship, I can’t end my terrible relationship…. STOP SAYING IT! Because what we tells ourselves directly impacts the sub conscious which is where our beliefs are created and built and this becomes the narrative to our days, our weeks and our lives. Because, actually, you CAN.

🦩Start telling yourself that you CAN! Even if it seems big, scary, unfamiliar, too far away, something you’ve never done before, you have to start telling yourself that you CAN if you want it! And for every time you find yourself saying that you can’t do something, have a big fat YES I CAN response ready to back chat – think of it as a ping pong game in your head! “I can’t because I don’t know how”…. “Yes but you can because you learn or get help”… “I can’t create the time to exercise today”… “Yes you CAN, even if it’s just 10 minutes, you CAN exercise today”… “I can’t double the revenue in my business”… “Of course you can, you’ve got all the power within you, it’s all there”. It IS all there and I can definitely help you realise this, if you think you can’t!

🦩Can’t can also show up as “won’t” and “never” and “not” For example; “I’ll never have that”… “I won’t be able to” … “I’m not capable of”…. Keep crushing these sorts of words. And watch any extreme words, dramatic language and a catastrophic tone – as that will drive more “I can’t” energy! Instead, put all your focus on what you want for yourself. And keep your tone calm, empowering and encouraging. Keep looking at your potential and opportunities, look for evidence that it can and has been done by others. And remember that you have more power within you that you realise. “If people did what they were capable of they would literally astound themselves!” is one of my favourite quotes – never a truer word said!

🦩You CAN but your subconscious might not want you to succeed because of your pesky unhelpful beliefs! If you start out by saying you can and are determined to make something happen, but then self-sabotage, fear (of success AND failure), procrastination, distractions and all those things that get in the way of CAN kick in. This is a signal you need to peel the layers and see what’s underneath. The beliefs you hold are intergral to not only following through, but being consistent, completing and indeed KEEPING (!) your goals, dreams, achievements and aspirations.   But even if you have unhelpful beliefs, you CAN still do more CAN stuff! Because beliefs aren’t fact, they aren’t the truth and you can change the beliefs you have 100%. I used to hate exercise. I can’t do it, I hate it, it’s awful, I’ll never enjoy it so what’s the point. One day I had an epiphany in a random step class and 3 months later I quit my job, sold my flat and became an aerobics instructor – as a former exercise hater! I went on to create one the the UK’s most successful female fitness brands which I ran for 16 years until 2019.

🦩You might need some CAN support! I am my greatest advocate and cheer leader – which massively helps. But I too can dip with my CAN mindset from time to time. But most of the greatest things I’ve made happen in my life, I’ve had support with to get there. Whether from a coach, a course, a book, a podcast, an article, a friend, a partner, or mentor. Having someone or something that helps you believe in yourself, gives you expert advice meaning you find the solutions quicker, even someone to push back on you when you feel like you’re giving up… It really can be the difference between can and can’t, continuing and giving up, enjoying the journey and hating it, keeping it and throwing it away. You do NOT have to achieve things all by yourself, but another unhelpful belief that gets in the way of a lot of women is “I should be able to do this without asking for help”… er, NO! What I love most about my job is helping women turn can’t into CAN and helpeing

If you’re struggling NOT being able to do something and find yourself in the CAN’T team, but you’d love to push through it and be part of the I CAN DO IT club, you could book a 121 with me or why not get yourself signed up for I’ve for the POWER! ?

I’ve got the POWER, is one of the greatest YES YOU CAN online programs out there!

I’ve got the POWER will teach you soooooo much about motivation – with the 40 x “green juice for the brain” 15 minute audios! They inspire, teach, help and support you to turn any can’t into CAN – as well as get to grips with what’s hidden in the depths of subconscious mind that wants you to stay stuck!

It’s on sale for just £79, containing 10 hours of YOU CAN DO IT, MINDSET, MOTIVATION, ENCOURAGING, UPLIFTING content. Broken down into those 40 x 15 minute bite size chunks – as well as stacks and stacks of bonus resources too!

You can do it as a 6 week program, or just access all the great audios upfront and work through at a pace to suit you. One of my 1-2-1 clients who wanted to massively up her CAN mindset and make something big happen in two weeks, listened to 4 x 15 minute I’ve got the POWER audios a day – one hour of awesomeness in her brain each day for 10 days! And it was a game changer for her.

You may also want to consider my 30 days to a high vibe life, I’ve got the POWER and RISE programs; packed with mood, mind and life enhancing content.  These can be purchased individually BUT now also included in my One Life Hub and Club 
Any questions let me know!

Janey x

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