Are you all talk and no action?

Unfortunately, we live in a bums on seats culture which means that people get stuck sitting at their desks from 9-5, not being very efficient, getting burned out in the process and not having enough hours in the day for them. It’s something I work on a lot with my coaching clients and something I see frequently, not just in the workplace, but in people’s training and health mindset too.

Many people have the ‘tick in the box’ mentality… You may get to the gym, or get out on the common, but do you actually get the most out of it?  You may buy healthy food, but do you actually eat it, consistently?

How many of you con yourself into feeling proud by ticking your training session off your to do list, but deep down, know that you aren’t training in a way that a) you’re capable of and b) that will get you results.

I was out running the other day and as I turned the 5km mark I heard myself say in my head ‘ That’ll do’. I stopped dead in my tracks and said out loud ‘NO, IT WON’T!’ and I did an extra 2kms on top at a faster pace, proving once again that fitness (and results in general) is 100% mental. The cutting corner mentality is what is stopping people reach their goals, I’m sure of it, even I have to remind myself of this every now and then and give myself a swift kick up the backside with a reality check!  Quick fixes do not exist and the sooner we all get this, the sooner we can take responsibility for our health and bodies AND take the right steps to get where we want to get, whatever our goals may be.

I see so many adult women, act like five year olds when it comes to putting in some graft to get what they want. Often in denial, convincing themselves that what they do will get the changes they want (even though deep down they know it won’t) and often dreaming about how they want to look and somehow expecting their fit body, great shape, nice tone and vitality to be delivered by the Best Body Fairy!

It’s time to get real and many people are very busy looking like they are doing something, when in fact they are not. This quote by John Wooden, sums it up perfectly:

“Don’t mistake activity with achievement” 

Now the long weekend is behind us, I want to encourage you all, not just to tick off your training session and order healthy food, but to actually FOLLOW THROUGH, BE SMART and GET REAL with your body, mind and life goals.

I’m in, are you? Let’s go! Hard work pays off !

Our online bootcamps run all year round and up and coming dates include, Monday 6th June, Monday 4th July and Monday 12th September. For more info and to book your place visit HERE.

Hope this blog finds you happy and healthy!

Janey x

Quotes from clients who committed to their programs and got the results they deserved:

I am a talker, always have been and when it came to exercise that was generally all I did. Any exercise regime I embarked upon was fuelled by a desire to be thinner not necessarily fitter and I’ve always been fighting a losing battle, until I was introduced to Janey’s 21 day body blast program. It became apparent to me whilst watching the webinars that Janey was not just going for a quick fix, the support you receive via email and on the forums and the fact that the live program sends you the links daily ensures you are not overwhelmed and that any worries or questions you have do not go unanswered. Through the 21 day Body Blast, Janey’s motivation and enthusiasm and my own hard work I have seen results that I could only previously have dreamed I would achieve.’ G Zirfas, LIVE Body Blast Client

The diet tips also really helped me. I was diagnosed with Coeliac disease about 17 years ago and generally struggle with missing out on ‘treats’ and am therefore not always as strict with my diet as I should be. Being on this program is the first time in years I can honestly say I was on a gluten-free diet and feel so much better for it! Thank you.’ Kirsten Johnson, AUTOMATED Body Blast Client

At the beginning, 21 days seems intimidating, it’s amazing how quickly I got used to planning in the cardio/conditioning AND enjoying it! Three weeks later I’m feeling much more food savvy and confident in choosing good options; fitter – I’d never have pushed myself as much in three weeks alone. Thanks so much Janey.’ S Clark, LIVE Body Blast Client

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