Are you creating a life on your terms?

Last week, I wrote a blog about creating time and I was inundated with emails from people saying I made it sound so easy. My daily photo food diary blogs have also got quite a lot of attention. Less so about the food, more because of the amount of sleep I have!

The lifestyle I lead is created from me creating a life on my terms. It’s comes from me setting very clear boundaries (more on this on next week’s blog), having an excellent mindset and most importantly, learning the art of compromise with good will, prioritising what’s important to me, and going out and getting the life I want for me despite the external noise of what I should be doing!

This blog isn’t about me inspiring you to get my life, it’s about inspiring you to think about what you want for YOU!

Here are my top tips on creating a life on your terms, because that’s the way it should be in my opinion!

 You need to learn the art of compromise! Someone once said “It’s alright for you, you’re lucky your parents live so close”. Yes I’m lucky my parents are fit, healthy and fantastic with the boys, but I made the decision to leave London to move near them at a HUGE compromise to me as a woman, one of my businesses based in London and my social life.  Sometimes you can’t have it all. I chose to move here because right now living in Kent is the best thing for my children.  I could be miserable (and sometimes don’t get me wrong I get a little bit down I’m not in London anymore), but I embrace what I gain (bigger house at half the price, country fields, good schools, happy children…) and what I have in my life right now. The compromise isn’t forever. Gratitude helps with this also, focusing what I have, over what I might be missing.

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