Are you ready to trade?

So many women beat themselves up about indulging in foods they think they shouldn’t or for having that extra glass or two of wine. They start off with impossibly high expectations of themselves then feel overcome with guilt when, quite reasonably, they can’t live up to them.

Women are always asking me how I keep my food focus and how they wish they had the same will power. But I’m human too, the difference is I’ve trained my mind to make positive choices, I understand how to indulge mindfully and I know the power of trading.

Janey's food diaries

The chips and mayo with healthier food options for the rest of the day.

If you’ve seen any of my food diaries on the online coaching programs you’ll know that chunky chips and mayo are one of my favourite indulgences. I also enjoy a glass or two of wine. But because I plan to include these treats into my eating habits I never feel like I’m on a diet. This means I enjoy every single mouthful; I eat or drink my wine slowly and fully savour how wonderful it tastes. I choose to enjoy them, not to feel guilty about them.

Now if, for example, I have a whole bottle of wine instead of my planned one or two glasses then I know I need to make a trade. I’d planned my indulgences for the week but now I’ve added an extra one I know I need to counter act it. I might do so by adding an extra no-wine day or weekend. Or choosing to have soup and a salad instead of the chunky chips and mayo I was going to have. It’s all about balance and compromise.

You can have your chips and eat them; you just can’t have them every day. Well, you could, but you won’t have the body you want. So that’s your compromise to make. If you have children you’ll be aware that we constantly ask children to make compromises but we often find it hard to do ourselves.

Sometimes the compromise comes by being nice to yourself. You might be striving for an amazing body and training really hard but then hit a wall, mentally and/or physically. Recognise what your body needs; rest and recuperation. Take a day off. Be honest with yourself – give yourself permission to take time out. Don’t feel guilty instead understand and accept that it’s part of your on-going journey towards being a healthy person.

Any on-going program should include time out without giving yourself a hard time about it. Plan your indulgences into your week/month. These two following statements describe my mindset regarding food perfectly:

– I never feel like I’m on a diet because I plan to mindfully indulge.

– I never give myself a hard time about my indulgences, after all, I’m only human.

Remember, food management and being fit and healthy is about nourishment not punishment.

Janey x

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