What sort of tummy do YOU want?

I launched the Tummy ATTACK bootcamp back in 2015 with the aim of helping women clean up, lean up and learn to love their tummies for life! But every woman’s body is different as are their body goals. So the million dollar questions is what kind of tummy do you want? My tummy goals have changed […]

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Are you creating a life on your terms?

Last week, I wrote a blog about creating time and I was inundated with emails from people saying I made it sound so easy. My daily photo food diary blogs have also got quite a lot of attention. Less so about the food, more because of the amount of sleep I have! The lifestyle I lead is created from […]

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Be the boss of your own time!

If we all slept eight hours a night, worked 9 hours a day and spent an hour a day eating, we’d still have six hours left over on a week day and 15 at the weekend. That’s a lot of time, don’t you think? Admittedly we need to perhaps add in some travel time, chores, […]

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