Janey Holliday

What my fitness looks like this summer!

Today my children’s summer holidays kick off! And the work-kids-home-summer-fun juggle starts! I believe in doing this all positively which is why I set up my healthy, happy summer campaign!  Catch up on my last two blogs, ‘How to have a healthy happy summer’ and ‘5 ways to have a fun and stress free summer […]

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How to have a healthy happy summer!

I believe that it’s totally possible to have a fun-packed summer, indulge in delicious foods, sleep less and relax more WITHOUT it compromising your health and well being! And this is why I’ve kicked off my HEALTHY, HAPPY SUMMER CAMPAIGN 🙂 This campaign is about inspiring you to:   Have some focus around the fun and […]

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Estrogen Dominance

Estrogen dominance, what it is and why you need to know about it! So whilst women have been focusing on counting / burning calories in and out of their bodies for decades, mainly seeing success as being a certain size or perhaps completing a running event, women have been forgetting something big. Something that I […]

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