Janey Holliday

FREE! Small business mindset challenge

Aimed at those who are self-employed, run a small business and/or work by themselves from home. This 5 day challenge will be especially helpful to those who: Have an unhelpful negative voice in their head about their business Feel out of control with work / home boundaries Never have enough time to get everything done […]

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Here are some amazing webinars, challenges and masterminds which are all FREE!   Getting to know your core values!  This 60 minute webinar is a bonus call on my BEST program and has helped SO many women really discover what their true life values are. CLICK HERE for all details and to sign up for […]

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Make the next decade YOUR decade!

If you want to make the next decade YOUR decade and want to be inspired and motivated to make some incredible things happen for yourself, then you’ve come to the right place! In January 2020 I ran a 5 day mastermind which was a huge success – the good news is, you can now access all […]

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The YOU ARE ENOUGH 5 day challenge!

Welcome to the YOU ARE ENOUGH challenge! This challenge is about helping women to feel better about themselves and their lives. Too many women struggle in silence with very strong and self-limiting beliefs and feelings that they simply are not enough. It’s absolutely heart breaking and a total waste of women’s precious time, energy and […]

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